Tuesday, July 7, 2009

PODCAST: Luke Giordano and The Bully Pulpit

Tomorrow the Philly Improv Theater will be presenting a new comedy show in which four panelists discuss the day's issues from a comedian's perspective. It's called The Bully Pulpit and it will be hosted by creator and stand-up comic Luke Giordano. Recently, Luke joined Dave for C vs. A Radio Hour to talk about the show and his fascination with Theodore Roosevelt. Then, with help from comics Kent Haines and Gregg Gethard, Luke previewed the live show on-air.

Keep in mind that this was recorded on June 25th and mere minutes after the news of Michael Jackson's death so there will be some gallows humor here. The podcast is somewhat explicit in nature and thus NSFW.

The Bully Pulpit will be tomorrow evening at the Shubin Theatre (407 Bainbridge) at 10PM. Tickets are available at PHIT's website. The comedians on the show this month are Kent Haines, Pat Barker, Sidney Gantt and Doogie Horner.

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