Thursday, September 27, 2007

This week: Jimmy Pardo live

If you're sick of comedians talking about relationships and porn, you really should check out Jimmy Pardo. Well, maybe he talks about that stuff, but chances are he'll also spend time making fun of you too. His CD, Pompous Clown, released earlier this year on A Special Thing Records, consists almost entirely of him talking to the audience. Somewhere in between asking everyone's name and hoping it's Jerry, he said something about pot pies and...that's all I can really remember of actual "material". I know it doesn't sound funny to have your act start with asking people how old they are, but trust me, it works.

The man is still something of a mystery to me, no matter how much I read about him on this here internet superhighway. Does he have actual material? How could he ever become a successful comedian if he didn't? This performance on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson leads me to believe he does, as well as his half-hour special he had on Comedy Central. So why just the improv? How does he do it?

When he's not on stage, he's got a great podcast by the name of Never Not Funny, which is just that. Pardo seems like a guy that is just naturally hilarious, no matter what the situation. Sometimes those guys turn out to be comedians and sometimes they just make their friends crack up at the bar.

Anyhow, Jimmy is performing at the Helium Comedy Club through Saturday and you should go check him out. He's definitely an unique talent and who knows when he'll be around again. Hopefully he won't come with a lot of written material.

[You can watch more Jimmy Pardo videos here]

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