Thursday, October 11, 2007

This week in Jimmy Pardo: He Loves Helium!

As you'll remember, gentle, faithful reader, Jimmy Pardo was performing a few weekends ago at the Helium Comedy Club. I managed to check out his last set and boy was he great. Then just this past Sunday evening as I was listening to the latest episode of his podcast Never Not Funny in preparation for the next five days of the work week (a new tradition), I was excited to hear him talk about our ole' faithful comedy club:

Jimmy Pardo: I was in Philly last week by the way, that is so exciting to be in the city...

Sklar Brothers (being that's it audio only, couldn't tell which one was talking): Were you at the club?

JP: Helium, yeah. Great club.

SB: Great club. Beautiful club.

JP: Top five favorite clubs.

SB: Beautiful club and Mark Grossman the guy that runs it and owns it, he is such a good guy.

JP: He's a Jew and I do not care for that.

SB: That's alright. That's fine.

JP: Oh you guys get past that?

SB: Yeah, we're fine with that. We love your hatred of Jews. We support it.

JP: I love the club.

Ok, so maybe I shouldn't have included all of that, but please know that Jimmy was just kidding! It's all a joke, gentle reader. I'm pretty sure he doesn't hate Jews. Of course I don't know him very well ( all), but I'm pretty sure he isn't anti-semitic. It's got me thinking though, I wonder who Hitler's favorite comedian was? Some websites say it was Charlie Chaplin, but I guess everyone was saying that in the 30s and 40s. Chaplin was pretty much The Man then. But still, Hitler obviously wasn't a huge comedy fan, he picked the most obvious guy after all. He very rarely went down to Der Komödie Ort looking for new talent. I guess it was for the best.

Anyways, after the very brief conversation about Helium, the guys talked about the PLO, the Pepsi Cola Co.'s support of the PLO (may or may not be true, have to google that later) and Phil Collins. Standard bouncing around for a show in which you wish they would go down one thread, but instead they start talking about something totally different. It's always great though, who would've thought that listening to 3-4 guys gab for over an hour would be compelling? I find it hard to make myself interesting for more than three minutes tops, but that's just me.

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Anonymous said...


Love your blog. I'm a Philly-transplant starting in stand up in the Twin Cities, MN. I can't find your myspace page. I search for 'comicvsaudience' and come up with nothing.

Anonymous said...

Saw Jimmy at Acme here in Minneapolis past Saturday night. he was great! I think he did, like 3 set 'jokes' his whole show. Just kept talking to people in the front, and riffing of each of them to each other.