Monday, October 22, 2007

This Week In Jimmy Pardo: Running Your Trap

This week's edition of the Never Not Funny podcast (Two Two Oh) wasn't like most shows where Jimmy Pardo and guests talked for about an hour. No, it was a live recording of a recent performance of Pardo's show Running Your Trap at the UCB Theatre in L.A. where Pardo and guests talked for about an hour!

For folks like me that don't live and haven't made it out to L.A. yet, this was a special treat. The format was similar to the podcast as it was improvised for the most part and made up of on-the-fly conversation. After banter with friend Pat Francis, Jimmy introduced the guests Andy Kindler (hilarious), Jimmy Dore and Andrew Koenig (sorta, not really). Pardo's sensibility may not be perfectly suited for a TV show or film where you deliver a written line, but he would be perfect as a talk show host. Which makes me think, why doesn't he have a talk show by now? Perfect guy to replace Conan in 2009, but it's TV so they'll screw it up and give it to someone like Jimmy Fallon.

BONUS: This video will help you make sense of the running gag of introducing Andrew Koenig in the show and read here about the no-pants addition of RYT from July.

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Anonymous said...

I saw Jimmy Pardo this past weekend at Acme Comedy Co. in Mpls. He was great! Very, very funny!

I agree, he should have a talk show.