Friday, November 30, 2007

Friday Night: Michael Showalter and Michael Ian Black at The TLA

Friday night Michael Showalter and Michael Ian Black will be performing at the The Filmore TLA (yep, I knew it as The TLA before they changed the name. I used to go to shows there all the time. TLA stands for the "Theatre of Living Arts" for all of you young kids coming up nowadays. Oh, this new generation!) and I was going to write a long post about their new albums but it was boring. So I'll just say this instead.

On Showalter's Sandwiches and Cats, a woman sits in the front of one of his sets with a cat that meows throughout the show. Well, my cats Rocky (front of picture) and Sonny will be at the show Friday night and they're even worse. Double worse, in fact.

And they don't yell "Freebird!" or "You suck!", they are intelligent hecklers. So watch out. Now if only I can get Sonny to stop scratching door frames.

P.S. I think you are very funny.