Friday, November 2, 2007

Upcoming Movies

Hot off the wire there's some exciting movie news that may convince you to stay with us on this planet just yet!

Elizabeth Banks will join Paul Rudd on untitled David Wain-helmed film - It was written by Wain, Rudd and fellow Stater Ken Marino, so by all accounts this should be awesome. If it's half as good as The Ten it will be hilarious. And hey, if it's about brotherly love, film it in Philly! The Ten is my favorite movie of 2007, by the way.

Broken Lizard Set For 'Slammin' Salmon' - Ok, so Supertroopers is a classic, Club Dread not so much and I couldn't even finish Beerfest. I'm rooting for Broken Lizard once again on this one though. Interestingly enough, Kevin Heffernan is directing this time, usually Jay Chandrasekhar takes on the duties for the group, I mean troupe. They've got a lot more in the works, including Supertroopers 2 by 2010!

McKay Is Lost and Ferrell is Found, on the Land of the Lost Set That Is! - This looks like another Ferrell movie to keep him occupied before his next goofy one with his pal Adam McKay, who "had to choose between Land of the Lost or Step Brothers, a comedy which reunites 'Talladega' stars Ferrell and John C. Reilly." He picked "Step Brothers". Good call!

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