Monday, December 31, 2007

Your Philadelphia Comedy Options on New Years' Eve from Cheapest to Most Expensive Expressed Through Youtube Clips

Manifest Destiny 2008: Secret Pants at The M Room, $10

Laugh Until Until You Puke Up The Shrimp Cocktail: Joe Devito at Helium Comedy Club, $35-39

"You and The Giants Are Both Gay" But the Money Must Be Good: Artie Lange is at the Tower Theatre AGAIN, $39.50 - $75

"Let's Do Something Classy This Year, Darling, Like Go To The Borgata and Listen To A Comedianne Talk About Bangin' Black Guys": Lisa Lampenelli at The Borgata, $50

1 comment:

doogie said...

Lampenelli is a classy broad.