Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Catching Up

Judge Dom Irrera! Awesome!

Doug Benson's 'I Love Movies' is coming back! Awesome!

Human Giant canceled their Philly date! Not awesome.

Mike Birbiglia is going out on tour again, but skipping over Philly. Oh boy, we are really slumping now.

Luckily, there's always good stuff to listen to (what a segue!). The Sound of Young America's recent interview with Ken Freedman and Andy Breckman turned us on to their amazing show Seven Second Delay on Jersey City's WFMU (aka the Greatest Radio Station Ever). Eeach week, the guys try to pull off a stunt with the help of the listeners. Sometimes they don't work as Freedman and Breckman realize the Fatal Flaw and sometimes they work in unexpected ways. We've just begun to scratch the surface of this 15-year old show, but can recommend "Ken and Andy Channel the Radio Dial", "The No-Lulls Fight Show" and "As Famous as Andy". Freedman and Breckman are a great comedy team, the former plays the straight man that's usually frustrated by the silly and mean comments of the latter (congrats, btw).

We love when the worlds of comedy and sports collide, especially when it's on the Worldwide Leader. Here's Jeff Garlin on ESPN Radio's "Thundering Herd" with Colin's Cowherd:

Scroll through the first half unless you're interested in boring talk about steroids in baseball (get 'em, Congress, get 'em!).

His opening kills me:

CC: How are you my friend?
Garlin: I'm young and handsome.

Somewhat related: Ex-Inquirer columnist Stephen A. Smith talks about Roger Clemens being possibly pardoned by Pres. Bush. Really? Stephen A. goes off here! The fact that he yells like this at least once every show makes it great and horrible at the same time.

In other news, there's seriously a lot of f*cking going on (this blog doesn't work blue) and you've got to think it's going to end soon.

Last night there was an AST Records one-year anniversary show at the UCB-LA where all of the label's comics performed except for Paul F. Tompkins, who had to cancel. And we may be jumping the gun, but it looks like Doug Benson, Andy Daly and Chip Pope are going to have their own live albums out on AST Records soon. Exciting.

Jimmy Pardo is the perfect host for a TV game show, so sign the damn petition.

This American Life tackles The Onion's writers' room. The paper is so ubiquitous at this point that it must be a challenge to mix things up. And they've been around for so long that their younger writers grew up and were influenced by their humor.

A sneak peek of Todd Barry's new album!

The Coming is back!

And finally, George Carlin's doing another HBO stand-up special and this one is live (why did I bury the lead?)!

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Kent said...

Great update, Dave. I didn't know about most of this stuff, and it's awesome to see it all collected in one spot. This is why CvA is awesome.