Saturday, March 15, 2008

You're On The Internet Too Much

- After 25 years, Jeff Garlin is quitting stand-up with a new special directed by Bob Odenkirk at the end of this month.
- Comedy Central releases their 2008-2009 Development schedule and takes a moment to pat themselves on the back: "the all-comedy network could be excused if it sat back and laughed along with its viewers for a spell."
- Hulu launches with full-length movies and TV shows, including a lot of great past shows like Who's The Boss?, Alfred Hitchcock Presents and The Dana Carvey Show
- The Wire spinoff ideas with sexy/hilarious results!
- Speaking of The Wire (which we do all the time), what's next for creator David Simon? Comedies!
- Is Columbus, Ohio a new hub for stand-up comedy? Well, it looks like they at least have a few open mics.
- Bob and David (you know, those Mr. Show guys that people keep telling me about) are going to be filming a pilot of their new show for HBO.
- A very interesting article on the nature of laughter.
- We know this is really old (over a month!), but Bob Newhart was on the rock and roll talk show Sound Opinions to talk about the two Grammys he won for The Button-Down Mind of Bob Newhart. Furthermore, that debut along with his second album, The Button-Down Mind Strikes Back!, held the number one and two spots on the Billboard charts for eight months. After the interview, stick around for a conversation with Girl Talk, who is pretty great.
- Local comic and host of Die, Actor, Die (amongst many other things) Don Montrey liveblogs his latte at a fancy cafe downtown.
- And speaking of Don Montrey, there's a new interview with him on Uwishunu.
- While googling Paul Mooney, who is at Helium this week, we came across this clip of him on Fox News.
- Amazing two part interview with Gallagher on The Apiary

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Pruneface said...

Ha! That joke Paul Mooney ended his interview with is pretty funny.