Thursday, April 3, 2008

RECAP: Bedtime Stories 4/2, May's Secret Guest Revealed

Last night's Bedtime Stories, being a tribute to hipsters, contained many a hilarious joke about Pabst Blue Ribbon, Sparks, Fishtown and Arcade Fire. There was the game show "Hipster or Carny" where you could win a PBR tall boy if you correctly guessed if the photo was of a hipster or a carny. And other issues such as gentrification, obscure references and communism were explored. There was even a defense of hipsters. All in all it was a great night and local gay hip-hop duo Sgt. Sass closing it out was icing on the cake.

Near the end, host Gregg Gethard announced that next month's special secret, super special guest is none other than New York comedian Dave Hill!

Some photos from the night:

Host Gregg Gethard shows off his tattoos.

The comedy duo Hipster & Glenn (David Dritsas and Don Montrey)

Corey Cohen of The Sixth Borough downs a Sparks.
Secret Pants discuss obscure films and TV shows over a game of cards.
Meg and Rob sing songs from Indie Hits Before The Takeover.

Pat Kelly of The Sixth Borough as a landlord in Fishtown.
Sgt. Sass


Cookie Puss said...

I heard Anton, Doogie, and Nolan did a skit too.

Blister Keaton said...

dave hill?!?!

i'm there.

Andrew said...

Who was the Alabama stand-up comic?