Monday, April 28, 2008

RECAP: People Were Outraged, 4/18

On April 18th, the stand-up group PEOPLE WERE OUTRAGED (Benny Michaels, Mike Rainey and Brenday Kennedy) had their first show at the Walking Fish Theatre and comedian Kevin Quigg files this report:

The Biggest Problem with PWO

The biggest problem with the Friday, April 18th, 2008 PWO show was that they were all likable. People Were Outraged certainly, but not enough.

The Walking Fish Theatre is a small, buried deep in Philly venue, but it was worth the drive. Despite the inner city address, parking was plentiful, and most of our cars were still there when we came out after the show.

The show started a bit late, but with Doogie Horner begging for us to wait one more minute for ten minutes, we were off.

First up, the host with the TV teen doctor's first name, Doogie Horner. With a wide smile, the laid back, beatnik-poet-comedian kept things comfortable. Stories, jokes and poetry about long haul truckers presented a nice mix.

Then Brendan Kennedy took the stage. Young and sweaty and funny. With an ability to tell personal true life stories in a funny manner (a roast beef sandwich as a perfect consolation prize and unwilling room mates), he has a lot of potential that can't be displayed in a five minute guest spot.

Talking to Brendan after the show he said that while his "style" does not work for him in real life, on stage it somehow translates into an act.

Jason Mackhouse was the bomb. He's Jewish, you know. Elmo made a guest spot on Jason's guest spot and the two red faces worked in harmony to create a wonderful puppet act. But Jason's ventriloquism skills are like a woman with a bad queef—you can see the lips moving.

With touching stories about his mother and father (and I mean "touching"), Mike Rainey's shotgun approach to comedy works well. Scattershot and deadly, he hits his targets and keeps moving. A small smile or laugh occasionally cracks the tough veneer, though, giving away his true nature and humor.

Benny Michaels is oddly charismatic. Even while thanking the hot women for their hotness (brunette in the front row in a nice dress, a short blonde in ripped jeans) he wasn't creepy. OK, he was, but it worked. Telling stories from his life that I suspect aren't really true (working with Muslims) and hitting the political commentary of the Bush family genitals, he scored big.

The comedians were able to perform without restrictions, or worry about a room manager chewing them out. They had the time on stage to allow the audience to get to know them, like them, and "get" the jokes.

Great venue, great show, great price.


Pruneface said...

"Young, Sweaty, and Funny." There's the title of your first album, Brendan.

Brendan said...

haha, yeah, I alread made it my myspace headline.

Chip Chantry said...

Mike Rainey was the kid in third grade who wore a bathrobe to sleepovers, had the first dirty magazine of all of your friends, and was really into golf, just like his Poppop.