Monday, April 14, 2008

THIS WEEK: The Colbert Report in Philadelphia

In case you didn't know, The Colbert Report will invade our fair city of Philadelphia this week for coverage of the upcoming Democracy primary on April 22nd (don't forget). All shows will be live to tape at the Zellerbach Center on the University of Pennsylvania campus (3680 Walnut St). It's the first time the show has been out of their NYC studio:

"It's like doing the show all over again," said Colbert. "It's like October 2005 because it's a new set, new graphics, coming up with a new opening every night, trying to give everything special touches."

Special guests include John Legend (who will sing the "Star Spangled Banner"), Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter (endorsing Clinton), Governor Ed Rendell (endorsing Clinton), Chris Matthews (Philly native; sez Colbert: “doesn't have half as hard a ball as I swing.”), Congressman Patrick J. Murphy (endorsing Obama) and rap group the Roots (new album out the 29th!). UPDATE: Potential first lady Michelle Obama to appear on Tuesday's show

Colbert has recently been immersing himself in Philadelphia culture including a segment on the show where he reveals the ingredients in a cheese steak. And a staff member, "Avery", has discussed Philadelphia fashion, Philadelphia slang and the best place for cheese steaks. For the record, we have no idea what the Philadelphia Tuxedo is.

But golly, we love our cheese steaks!

Tickets were announced during a show last month and were reportedly all snatched up by the late airing of that episode. On Craigslist, people are willing to pay upwards of $125 for a ticket even though they are supposedly non-transferable. If you are really desperate, Comedy Central Insider's got info on your last chance at standby:
Individuals may sign up for standby tickets at 10am in front of the theater the day of the taping. Sorry, we are not able to guarantee entry. Standby ticket holders will then be able to leave and return back at 6:15pm. Standbys are only let in if there is room after general ticket holders. Everyone attending must be at least 18 years old and have a valid government issued photo ID.
Hey, Mr. Colbert, have anything else to say about Philadelphia?

Well, first of all, Philadelphia's an easy place to go, and it's got plenty to talk about. It's got Founding Fathers, it's got Ben Franklin, it's got the Liberty Bell, it's got Independence Hall ... It's got plenty of fodder for my character. And ... it's the closest city in Pennsylvania to New York. It's an easy trip. And the cheesesteaks.

"Plus, it's just across the river from Camden, New Jersey!"

UPDATE: Hey, I've been to the Arden Theater...

My wife performed down there. It's not completely unknown space to me. And my character's happy to claim he grew up there.

More later as we're pretty sure this is one of those "developing" stories.

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