Tuesday, May 6, 2008

THIS WEEK: PHIT at the Shubin Theatre

It's time again for the Philly Improv Theater's week at the Shubin Theatre, 407 Bainbridge St., Philadelphia, PA 19147. For tickets, visit the Philly Improv Theater's website.

Wednesday, May 7
8 p.m. – Bedtime Stories: Crash Into You, True Stories Of An American College, $10. All material will deal with life at St. Beyonce State University. Sez the host Gregg Gethard:

Formed in 2003, St. Beyonce State University is an all-encompassing liberal arts/online university located in the deepest recesses of the human spirit. Contrary to the rumors, Rusted Root will NOT be performing at Spring Fling.
Set to perform are:

Secret Pants
The Sixth Borough
Doogie Horner
Brendan Kennedy
Anton Shuford
Kent Haines
Aaron Hertzog
Roger Weaver

with a commencement address by world famous comedian Dave Hill!

Thursday, May 8
8 p.m. - TROIKA 2008 ROUND ONE Presented by PhillyImprov.com, in cooperation with the Philly Improv Theater, TROIKA pits three groups of three improvisers against each other. The groups choose their own format and the audience determines the winner. The winner of each of the three preliminary rounds goes on to battle in the Grand Championship in August. $10.
10 p.m. - CAGEMATCH: Angry People Building Things vs. Industrial hosted by Brandon Libby. CAGEMATCH brings more competitive improv by pitting two groups against each other for 25-minute sets that can only use one audience suggestion. The audience decides the winner by secret ballot. $5.

Friday, May 9
8 p.m. – Animosity Pierre with Men About Town, $10
10 p.m. – Boston's Code Duello with locals Rare Bird Show. Code Duello (right) perform improv as Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr who, in 1804, fought in the most infamous duel in American history. The reason for the duel is still hazy to this day, but Code Duello dares to solve the mystery that biographers cannot! Each night, Boston comedians Neil Reynolds & Matt Tucker don the wigs and waistcoats of Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton, improvising the lives of our two angriest founding fathers. $10.

Saturday, May 10
8 p.m. – Code Duello with Men About Town, $10.
10 p.m. – Animosity Pierre with Rare Bird Show, $10. The local duo of David Terruso and Matt Lally that make up Animosity Pierre (left) have been performing comedy in the area for a few years now and are regulars at Die, Actor, Die (where they were runners-up in the 2007 Dirtiest Sketch in Philadelphia Contest) and Bedtime Stories.

Sunday, May 11
7 p.m. - As we mentioned earlier, come back to finish out the week with a FREE screening of Doug Benson's new film 'Super High Me'. In the film, Benson explores the current situation with medical marijuana in California and the United States, specifically focusing on the conflict between federal and state law and the explosive growth in medical marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles over the past two years. He goes thirty consecutive days without smoking pot and then thirty eating and vaporizing medical marijuana taking the same tests each time in an effort to find out what marijuana does and how it really affects people. You have to make a reservation at boxoffice@phillyimprovtheater.com to get in and seating is limited so get on that already.

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