Friday, May 2, 2008

RECAP: The Ministry of Secret Jokes, 4/30

This Wednesday marked the debut of a new comedy show in Philadelphia called the Ministry of Secret Jokes. All recordings were forbidden by host Doogie Horner, but Comic Vs. Audience managed to take a few photos with our secret bowtie camera. When asked where you saw these photos, don't tell them it was here.

Host Doogie Horner

Ukrainian thugs stop Doogie from telling a secret joke. This moment was so intense it could not be accurately captured by a photographic device

More photos after the jump.

Chip Chantry

Stand-up comics Pat Barker and Kent Haines battle in Omniana. Barker won by a slim margin.

Chris Schlotterer

Pat Barker

Civilians/common folk

Ukrainian thugs vaporizing Doogie Horner, obviously

Electrical shocks are transmitted during a raid by the Bureau of Mysterious Puns (the Ministry's arch enemies)

We'll have some bootlegged video up next week, provided that this website isn't shut down before then.


Pruneface said...

The Bureau of Mysterious Puns killed my cat.

Brendan said...

Why would the BOMP do that? And how do you know it was them? Did you cat die in a kit-n-run? Puns...get it?

Brendan said...

youR cat, with an R, damn it!!!!

Pat Barker said...

This was a great night of comedy that never ever actually happened. The vaporization picture is classic.