Monday, June 9, 2008

THE FEEKO BROTHERS: The Edmund Zwikey Story

The Feeko Brothers are Christian Alsis and Billy Bob Thompson.

Why the Edmund Zwikey story now?

We were actually approached by Lester Gronko of the Talent agency of Gronko, Philbrick, and Butt to meet for brunch and discuss some ideas with Edmund Zwikey. Mr. Gronko explained he wanted us to produce a short documentary about his client and we agreed to meet with him. After blowing us off five or six times, we ran into each other at a Denny's by sheer coincidence. He called us out of the kitchen to complain about his Senior Starter (TM) meal and we recognized him. After vigorously shaking our hands, Edmund laid it all out on the table. Thirty-two hours and eight Grand Slams later we had a deal. We made it, he liked it, and the rest is all slightly altered history. -BBT

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