Monday, June 23, 2008

Local Comedy News (mini-edition)

- Regular Die, Actor, Die host Don Montrey will not be fulfilling his duties for the next three months. But fear not, stand-up comic Chip Chantry will be taking his place! Will the show change any? We'll have to see Monday, July 21st.

- We'll leak Fringe Festival news and rumors as we hear 'em and here's another. The Walking Fish Theatre will hold a stand-up marathon on Labor Day (9/1) from noon to noon the next day.

- Comedian about town Kent Haines's got his own comedy show during PHIT's week at the Shubin Theatre (the first one is 7/9, 10PM). What will make this show, Why Am I Not Famous?!?, different? "Well first, I'm in it!" says Haines. "You no longer have to sit through an hour of 'comedy' at Die Actor Die or Bedtime Stories just to get a taste of the Haines. It's also a talk show, which shows the crowd how loose and charming I can be at cocktail parties. And I'll be having non-comedy folks on to play music or read poems or do whatever painters do when they're on stage. So there's that."


Anonymous said...

"Not fulfilling his duties"??? Man, you make me sound like a slacker. I am taking a hiatus to spend time with my family and maybe visit a few rehabs here and there. That does not make me a drugaholic! PS Chip will be great!

Chip Chantry said...

I disagree with Don on two accounts:

1. He is NOT fulfilling his duties

2. I will be mediocre at best.

Badgerick Calais said...

i wish don well in rehab. and i agree with chip. He isn't funny. Oh wait. I meant he's mediocre at best. Good news for all of though is that Mediocre is isn't bad at all, just not so good that you'll remember it.