Tuesday, June 17, 2008

VIDEO: The Winner of the 2008 Dirtiest Sketch in Philadelphia: Secret Pants

Die, Actor, Die host Don Montrey wanted it to get dirty at The Khyber last night for the Dirtiest Sketch in Philadelphia and it certainly did. Unspeakable, hilarious acts of debauchery, bodily fluids (A LOT of bodily fluids) and bad taste where on display and the judges, Johnny Goodtimes, Scott Johnston, and Adam Gertler had their hands full picking a winner. But in the end, Secret Pants reigned supreme again, becoming the champion for the second year in a row. Below is video of their sketch. It's obviously Not Safe For Work.


Flat top said...

Kudos. My favorite candy bar.

"I would take the roller skate, and I would thank you for it."

This Week In Philly said...