Friday, July 25, 2008


The Grand Opera House in Wilmington, Delaware will hold a comedy competition on September 19th at 7PM. The first 25 comics/groups that apply by e-mailing will perform.

Secret Pants' web video Bush or Batman is sweeping the globe as we speak, getting linked at a bunch of places and killing it on Digg.

The new National Lampoon Comedy House held the preliminary round of their "Make Us Laugh: Give Us Your Best Joke" open-mike comedy contest this Tuesday the 22nd and the finale is set for October.

Already the new club has already created some fever, be it on the Internet. According to the Philadelphia Magazine blog, "going out to see stand-up just isn’t something that ranks too high on most of our lists." Uh, ok. [Via Shecky Magazine]

The Sixth Borough have been introducing you to the neighborhoods of Philadelphia starting with East Falls and Mount Airy. Info is also up about their Fringe show, "World Crisis".

More Fringe news: on Tuesday, September 9th, Don Montrey will host The Unofficial Late Night Cabaret, a night of comedy and other business at The Khyber. No word on the lineup yet, but we hear it's going to be big time.

The whole Fringe schedule is up here with details on live performances by Illegal Refill, The N Crowd, Rare Bird Show, Meg & Rob, the highly anticipated Walking Fish Theatre 24 Hour Comedy Marathon and more. We'll have our essential and comprehensive guide to comedy at the Philadelphia Fringe Festival up in a few weeks.

Remember: whenever you see someone wearing the Groucho glasses and mustache or anything else funny, let us know at comicvsaudience AT gmail DOT com.

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