Monday, July 14, 2008

MEG & ROB: Fog Of Love

From the minds behind "Dan Henkle, Relationship Expert", "Love Over The Phone" and more comes "Fog Of Love", which was originally shown at the July edition of Bedtime Stories. Sez Meg of Meg & Rob:

We are pleased to present director Errol Morris's little-known short film "Fog of Love." As you might know, Morris is much more famous for creating the documentary Fog of War, which features former US Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara discussing the lessons he learned from the failure of the Vietnam War. What many people do not know, however, is that Mr. Morris only created Fog of War to hide the fact that he, Erroll Morris, actually himself caused the Vietnam War to fail through a combination of voodoo, bad eating habits, and the murder of a butterfly that was about to flap its wings in Africa.

After the Fog of War, Morris's sole desire was to put the war behind him and create a chick flick starring Julia Roberts or, at the very least, Hugh Grant in a Julia-Roberts-style wig. He was unable to find funding for the project, however. Broke, eating poorly, and considering performing voodoo again, Morris instead decided to use discarded footage from the Fog of War to create his opus "Fog of Love." Misunderstood by audiences who expected a chick flick and disdained by critics who were looking for a hard-hitting documentary "Fog of Love" has been mostly forgotten...until now. Enjoy.


Paul said...

My two favorite moments:

Who would write a song about Bristol, PA?

And, the Burger King Kids Club, which I had forgotten about until right now. I think my Kid Vid action figure may still be at my mom and dad's.

Doogie said...

I love this video.

Anonymous said...

I am standing at my desk at home giving this a Standing O. And by "Standing O" I mean I am STANDING and jerking off Onto my MacBook Pro. Excellent job Meg & Bob!

Brendan Kennedy said...

I didn't watch this until Doogie included it in his top 5 list, and I'm glad I did, its hysterical!

Badgerick Calais said...

goddamn that's a funny video. i remember seeing it at the shubin and i thought it was hilarious, but that was before i saw fog of war. holy shit. good job, guys.