Friday, August 8, 2008

Philly's Phunniest Contest, 8/7

Day 3! While parts of the country was finding out who the Last Comic Standing was, some Philadelphians were voting on which three comics will go on to the semi-finals in the Philly's Phunniest Person contest.

Past results: Aug. 5th | Aug. 6th

We should have mentioned earlier the criteria that the crowd was instructed to judge the comedians on: Original Material, Stage Presence, and Audience Reaction. Oh, yeah, and the top prize of $1,000 isn't too shabby.

- Benny Michaels delivered a solid set that dealt a lot with his one year-old child. He didn't take the "my kid sucks route" though, and like we said in that last sentence, it was solid stuff.

- Dan Scully had an interesting bit about how he was treated as a waiter that included being called a "serving wench". Maybe it was an exaggeration for comedic effect, maybe it wasn't, we worked in the Food Industry for a while and it seems plausible.

- Tonight was another tough night to call and it could've gone many ways. Ed McGonigal, Aaron Hertzog, Andy Nolan, Mark Normand, and Sidney Gantt got a good reaction from the crowd, and there are a few more names that we are missing.

But in the end only three can move on, and those three are Andy Nolan, Mark Normand and Sidney Gantt.

Check back Friday evening for the winners of the two shows that night!

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