Tuesday, August 5, 2008

TONIGHT: Philly's Phunniest Person Contest begins

Tonight marks the beginning of the 2008 Philly's Phunniest Person Contest at Helium Comedy Club (2031 Sansom). Over the next two weeks, over 150 comedians will do their best material on the stage with hopes of winning the title.

Helium has posted the details of how the contest works on their Myspace page.

Basically, 10-15 comics will perform each show in the preliminary rounds (see schedule below). The winners from each of these nights, decided solely by the audience, will advance onto the semi-finals on Friday the 15th. From there on, local celebrity judges from television and radio as well as industry representatives from Comedy Central, HBO & CBS will judge. The winner of the contest will be determined on the 8pm show on Saturday the 16th, and the 10:30 show that evening will be a showcase featuring the top six finalists.

Steve Gerben, 2007's winner will host each night of the contest.

But how can you be there, you ask? Well, if you mention Comic Vs. Audience you'll receive 2-for-1 admission for any or all of the preliminary round shows (through the 14th).

We'll be there covering almost every night with recaps and video, so check back!


Preliminary Round:
Tuesday, August 5, 8pm - $10
Wednesday, August 6, 8pm - $10
Thursday, August 7, 8pm - $10
Friday, August 8, 8 & 10:30pm - $15
Saturday, August 9, 8 & 10:30pm - $15
Tuesday, August 12, 8pm - $10
Wednesday, August 13, 8pm - $10
Thursday, August 14, 8pm - $10

Friday, August 15, 7:30 & 10:30pm - $20

Saturday, August 16, 8pm - $20

Winner's Showcase:
Saturday, August 16, 10:30pm - $20

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Pruneface said...

Steve's going to win again, even though technically he's not allowed to. The crowd will rush the stage and lift him onto their shoulders. OR, he might stage a military coup. One or the other. Heed my words! Beware the Ides of March!