Monday, September 29, 2008

DON'T FORGET: The Comic Vs. Audience Comedy Show!

Hey, don't forget: our next stand-up show is now only a week away!! Brought to you in conjunction with the Philly Improv Theater, we're bringing you another four hilarious stand-up comedians once again. It's the only best stand-up show at the Shubin Theatre! This could be a night you'll never forget!*

Tickets are now available on the Philly Improv Theater website and we recommend you do so to ensure that there's a seat for your fanny!

Not convinced? See what the critics are saying!

"A fantastical adventure...a wonderful voyage!" -Asia Times Online
"High....larious! Two thumbs...up!" - Roger Ebert, film critic
"This show is as fun as shooting swine from your back porch in the freezing rain. Ho ho, Nixon was a crook." - Hunter S. Thompson, author

Tim Ryan
Luke Giordano
Doogie Horner
Chip Chantry

Here are the details:

The Comic Vs. Audience Comedy Show
Monday, October 6th, 2008
at the Shubin Theatre (407 Bainbridge St.) [directions]
Five American Dollars (BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW!)

* = NOT GUARANTEED. Only applies if something extraordinary happens to you that night, like if you were to meet the man/woman of your dreams. Hey, the show is BYOB, it's a possibility!

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