Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Your Comedy Options This Week

Life not going as you planned? The economy got you down? It's about time you relaxed and had some laughs. Luckily for you, there are a many good shows going on this week and we've got a wrap-up of the most notable ones. If you go to all of them, you can get a prize!*

TUESDAY: Comedy Central recording artist and astonishing two-man entertainment strike-force Pleaseeasaur returns to The Khyber (56 S. 2nd St). Local sketch groups Secret Pants and The Minor Prophets open. 8PM, $8.

Pleaseeasaur - "No Prob Limo"

New Secret Pants video: "St. Barnum's"

WEDNESDAY: Ministry of Secret Jokes at Fergie's Pub (1214 Sansom St.), 9PM, Free. Sez host Doogie Horner: "This Ministry is one day before my birthday. I have told everyone to not throw a surprise party for me at the show, or bring gifts. Please respect my wishes." Justin Hagerman, Richie Redding, Secret Pants, Aaron Hertzog, Chip Chantry, and Doogie will be performing. Also, Chip Chantry and Pat Barker will play The Ruby Hats of Death, a deadly and mysterious game that resulted in the death of three teens in a Walmart parking lot in Indiana last month. PLUS an Omniana battle between reigning champion Joey "Barely Legal" Dougherty and Chris "the Slaughterer" Schlotterer.

"Ministry of Secret Folks" from last month's show:

"Even though I have specifically told everyone NOT to bring any birthday presents or throw a birthday party for me at the Ministry," Doogie says, "it still may happen, so I have allowed time in the schedule for it as well."

THURSDAY: Center City Comedy: As we previously mentioned, Conrad Roth and Chris Cotton are hosting this new booked open mic at the Raven's Lounge (1718 Sansom St.). Set to perform: Joey Dougherty, Pat Barker, Tommy Papa, Brendan Kennedy, Aaron Hertzog, Josh Bennett, Dave Temple, Jonas, Monroe Martin, Jay Morgan, H. Foley, Omar Scruggs, Sydney Gantt, Mikel Carter-Jackson. That's a lot of comics for $0! 9:30-11:30PM

FRIDAY: Oh, so this is why The Comedians of Comedy broke up. Patton Oswalt is at the Grand Opera House in Wilmington. $27-$33, 8PM.

SATURDAY: You've got options: Bill Maher is at the Tower Theater, 8PM, $45-$75. Cory Kahaney is at Helium (2031 Sansom St.) with Jon Mumma and Kent Haines, 8 & 10:30PM. $25. And across the street is ComedySportz short-form improv at The Adrienne (2030 Sansom St.), 7:30 & 10PM, $15.

SUNDAY: Football.

* = There is no prize


Brendan Kennedy said...

I hear that there might be a surprise contestant in the omniana battle at fergie's this week...

Pruneface said...

Maybe Steve Gerben?

Brendan Kennedy said...

nope, not steve, this is a good surprise! ZING!

Paul Triggiani said...

Someone's superhero character is going to be Steve Gerben?