Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Please excuse our lack of posts this week as Phillies Phever (clever!) has taken over the city and there's nothing going on comedy-wise.

For those comedy nerds that don't follow baseball, Game 5 held the promise of an end to the World Series with the Fightin' Phils triumphant. But, in sixth inning, the game was suspended due to downpour. The plan is to try to fit the game in tonight, but it's raining like a mother again right now. Until then, the city is in a holding pattern and it doesn't appear that anyone wants to go to a comedy show if it means missing the biggest sports moment for Philadelphia in 25 years.

UPDATE: The game has been canceled for tonight and they'll try to play those last 3.5 innings Wednesday.


Doogie said...

Yeah, I'm canceling the Ministry as well. Drat.

Bryce said...

While we may miss the Ministry, let us make lemonade out of lemons and convene once again at Murphs Bar on Girard ave. for the sports game. Then we can riot.