Thursday, October 30, 2008

THIS WEEKEND: The Action Section at the Shubin Theatre

This weekend, fairly-new Philadelphia sketch group The Action Section (made up of Justin Damm, Billy Dee, Eric Humble, and Joe Gribbin) will hold four ghastly shows of comedy with the Philly Improv Theater in The Action Section Halloween Spectacular.

According to a recent interview in the PHIT newsletter, the group have done a few live shows in the past, but nothing as extensive as this. The bulk of their work consists of short videos on Youtube, a few of which we've included below.

Thursday, October 30, @ 8:00pm (with Rare Bird Show)
Friday, October 31, @ 8:00pm (with Illegal Refill)
Saturday, November 1, @ 8:00pm (with Rare Bird Show)
Sunday, November 2, @ 8:00pm (with Secret Pants)

Tree Surgeon

The Rematch

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Tree surgeon was great.