Monday, October 13, 2008

VIDEO: Philly Improv Theatre house team THE SCRAMBLE

This past weekend, the Philly Improv Theater premiered three new house teams and all this week we'll be showing their debut performances at the Shubin Theatre.

First up is THE SCRAMBLE, directed by PHIT founder Greg Maughan and composed of Shane Jenkins, Bob Swenson, Meg Favreau, Jefferson Haynes, Rob Cutler, Katie Horahan, Nick Gillette (not in this video) and AJ "Milkshake" Horan. Their format is, fittingly, "The Scramble", as Greg explained in an interview this April:

You’ll see one scene come out and start on stage and then you might see two other people come out and start a completely different scene but in the same stage space. You might have people talking over each other and you might have two actors on the sides of the stage playing different scenes and one actor in the middle of the stage who is in both scenes but is switching between the two scenes. So the thing about it that’s cool is that one of the things about improv is “don’t think” and you can’t when you do this form because often you are stepping into a scene that is already in progress but you have no idea what it is about. Similarly, for the audience they can pick and choose what they want to focus in on. And the third thing that I really like about it is that when there are all of these things happening on stage at once, you get weird callbacks that are totally subconscious from the actors. So the actors are involved in their own scenes and something they overhear peripherally comes into their scene. And the actors have no idea and the audience sees it, and that’s really cool.

UPDATE: Sound has been fixed!

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