Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Five Comedy Options for the Election Results Tonight

VIDEO: The Comedy Cellar has a Tough Crowd w/ Colin Quinn reunion of sorts tonight as Nick DiPaolo, Keith Robinson, Ben Bailey, Robert Kelly, Sherrod Small, Eddie Ifft, Dave Attell and more who will react to the results as they happen. It's happening in New York of course, but there's a live video stream at the Cellar's website!

TV: Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert will be doing their thang with live election coverage on Comedy Central cable television starting at 10PM.

LIVE: Right here in Philadelphia, Rob Baniewicz (of Meg & Rob) and Paul Triggiani (of Secret Pants) will be hosting a Election Night Spectacular (8 PM, FREE) at Johnny Brenda's (that's "JBs" for the cool kids) with food, booze and twelve-foot video screen. Sez Paul: "Together, we will watch the country decide the next leader of the free world in-- of all places-- Fishtown. I assure you, no matter who wins this, you will be able to step outside and see something get busted up." (Philebrity knows of a bunch of other results parties)

BLOG: Famed comedian Patton Oswalt will be live-blogging for four hours at Comedy Central's Indecision blog. Sez Patton: "Four hours of free-form, increasingly drunken blathering as I wind and wend through the three major networks. Plus the androids at CNBC, the MSNBC drum circle, the FOX News dickslaps, CNN and their Polyphonic Spree-sized pundit pack and, my favorites, the poorly-dressed, marble-mouthed zombies at PBS."

RADIO: And finally, if you have to get away from the hoopla with this president thing, tune in to WFMU this evening starting at 8PM as the long, draining New Bridge Mayubernatorial race comes to a close on the Best Show on WFMU. BTW, you can still vote, we think.

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