Friday, November 14, 2008

TONIGHT: The Philadelphia Improv Festival Continues

The 2008 Philadelphia Improv Festival continues tonight with a full slate of another 13 groups over four shows. We recently interview the three producers of the show and here's a sneak peek at tonight's lineup. All shows are at the Plays & Players Theater (1714 Delancey St.).

Industrial: Philadelphia's only Communist improv group!
Sidviscous!: NYC's Peoples Improv Theater house team.
Whipsuit: Philadelphia duo made up of PHIF founder/producer Rick Horner & Cubby Altobelli.

ComedySportz Philly Presents: Improv Battle of the Network Stars: For the first time ever, Comedysportz improvisers take on TV and film personalities from the 70's & 80's for a special set.
Junior Varsity: Straight outta New York City!
BWP: Philadelphia duo made up of Connie and Connie that take a "take no prisoners" approach to nail artistry, table games, fabulous lids, delicious treats and the musical stylings of The Coup.

30,000 KHZ of Sound: "Improvised theater that takes place in the dark, utilizing shortwave radio transmissions as inspiration." The group uses clips from TV, horror movie and elsewhere as inspiration for vocal scenes done in the dark.
Billyhawk: This duo has the distinguished title of Farthest Traveled, coming all the way from Los Angeles!
YARNS: YARNS is essentially a show for one audience member who gives suggestions and then is blindfolded on stage. The rest of the audience, in a way, are just onlookers as improviser Asaf Ronen (author of Directing Improv: Show the Way by Getting Out of the Way) uses music, sound effects and his own voice does a show for that one member. Check out a YARNS set from the San Francisco Improv Festival.

Jackie: Washington Improv Theater house team.
4 Track: Straight outta New York City!
Lunchlady Doris: Philadelphia improv veterans- Karen Getz, Dave Jadico, Bobbi Block, Kevin Dougherty, and Kelly Jennings.
KPR's PHIF Allstars: Closing out the evening, a hodge-podge of improvisers from various groups with some all the way from Toronto (Canada, that is).

Check back tomorrow for a summary of Saturday's shows.

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