Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Aaron Hertzog's Top 5 Sketches

Our Top 5 of 2008 lists continue...

Aaron Hertzog's Top 5 Sketches

5) The Sixth Borough at Die Actor Die Dirtiest Sketch
An excellently written and performed sketch by The Sixth Borough. The uncomfortable factor was turned up high and the creepy strange awful wrongness of the whole situation was played to perfection. Two words: gun fellatio!

4) The Ministry of Secret Jokes - Instructional Video Number 1: How to Dress Mysteriously
The first instructional video from Doogie and gang let us know that the Ministry's mysterious garb is far more useful than just disguising one's identity. Dressing well will get you places in life, and dressing poorly will get you labeled an asshole. The sketch absolutely killed at the show and also made me feel a little less foolish every time Doogie paraded me out in a god damned cloak.

3) Boy Meets Tractor at Helium's College Comedy Competition
This is the first time I saw this group and the sketch they performed was awesome. The premise of sentient toys who are forced to live out the fantasies of their owner was great on its own but the performance was on point with great choreography and synchronization.

2) Meg and Rob - Love Over the Phone
"The cure for the painful gentleman's buildup." What an eloquent way to look at whacking off, and an incredibly creative origin story to the beginning of the rise of an incredibly important man. (I don't want to ruin the awesome reveal in the sketch for those who haven't see it, so watch it for yourself, and enjoy!)

1) Secret Pants at Bedtime Stories: Rich People
I saw this sketch at December's edition of Bedtime Stories and it instantly became my favorite sketch of the year. It did a great job mixing sketch with live performance and also combining two of my favorite things: ransom notes and infomercials. The production work on the video was superb (which always seems to be the case with Secret Pants.) God is always found in the details, and the attention to detail in the ransomercial (my own word) made it so truthful and realistic.

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