Tuesday, February 17, 2009

BREAKING: The State's Kevin Allison coming to the Philly Improv Theater in April

Over the years, the Philly Improv Theater has had some big names from the world of improv teach workshops in Philadelphia. And now, they have a big sketch comedy name. Kevin Allison from the cult MTV show The State will not only teach a beginner sketch writing workshop titled "The Joy of Sketch" and a sketch writing master class in April, but he will perform his one-man show "F*** Up".

Allison performed a sold-out run of the show this past November at The Pit (where he was Artistic Director in 2007) in New York City. In an Apiary interview last year, Allison explained the show:

The show is about me, but in the form of radically different nutjobs: A 90-year-old Jew, a monster, a salty sea dog, a Shakespearian thespian, a singing suicide and so on. There's dancing, hallucinations, urination -- all the ingredients of a hit. In real life, I'm someone who always returned to chasing his dream, even after making a jaw-droppingly catastrophic mess of life on occasions. There's something magically funny and cheering about the guy who walks right under a falling piano but gets back up and plows ahead. It's the reason we love Buster Keaton, Laurel and Hardy, Ralph Kramden. So this show is about daring dreamers who fuck up a lot along the way, then go once more into the breach. Comic heroes, I suppose.
Allison's performances and workshops will happen from April 10-12 at the Shubin Theater (407 Bainbridge). Performances will be on Friday and Saturday at 10PM and Sunday at 7PM with the workshops held during the day on Saturday and Sunday. Workshop spaces are available now on the PHIT website and tickets to the shows go on-sale March 1st at midnight.

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DB said...

coolio. PHIT did a writing for SNL workshop like a year ago with Ali Farahnakian and that was really good too, so i'll def. be nabbing a spto in this one.