Thursday, February 12, 2009

TONIGHT: The C vs. A Radio Hour!

Our bi-weekly comedy talk show returns tonight from 7-8PM EST with our friends at (The Sound From Germantown).

Your host Dave Walk will be talking to Philadelphia comedians, playing not-funny songs and other great stuff, so make sure to set your internet dial to Who will be on the show this week?

We'll talk briefly with New York City comic Ted Alexandro. He's headlining through Saturday at Helium.

And joining us in the studio to perform an improv set live on the internet airwaves...

Rare Bird Show!!

Remember, that's 7-8PM TONIGHT EST, streaming at And, you can instant message us in the studio on AIM, Yahoo!, Gchat or MSN at CVSARADIO.

By the way, you can listen to G-Town Radio on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Simply download the free FStream app and input the G-Town stream URL of your choice:

High quality: or
Low quality:

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