Wednesday, April 29, 2009

TONIGHT: The Ministry of Secret Jokes

Admit it, you felt something deep down inside this morning and you know what it means. It's time again for THE MINISTRY OF SECRET JOKES at Fergie's Pub (1214 Sansom) hosted by stand-up Doogie Horner.

Tonight's show features Powerpoint Wizard Jon Goff, Justin Williams, and Pete Kuempel, music by Emily McGraw of The Sixth Borough, an Omniana battle between champ Brendan Kennedy and Mike Rainey plus The Three Faces of John Kensil (see above).

And wouldn't you know it, tonight is the one-year anniversary of the showcase. Yep, it's been a year since we put up the original poster of the show that has captured the hearts of many. Oh how far we've all come, right?


Anonymous said...

Isn't there a special guest as well?

Pruneface said...

Dave Hill unfortunately had to back out at the last minute, because he's doing a shoot. He's been replaced by Pat Kelly.