Wednesday, May 13, 2009

1812 Productions ruminates on Abe Lincoln in the 21st Century

If Abe Lincoln wasn't taken from us all those years ago, he would've been 200 years old this year. And look at you, forgetting to get him a birthday present. Luckily Philadelphia's 1812 Productions has you covered. The Rosenbach Museum & Library recently commissioned the company to produce a 4-part video series "exploring Lincoln’s role as a communicator and how he might have utilized technology from the turn of the last century through the present." According to 1812's Artistic Director Jennifer Childs:

When I first looked through the Rosenbach collection, I was interested in finding ways that Abe Lincoln was funny. Did he use humor? If so, how? What was his comedic style? I’d read articles about his storytelling and gift for mimicry, and had certainly seen comical quotes that had been attributed to him. While some of that spirit was evident in the collection, it was not the material that moved me the most. The pieces in the collection that spoke to me were his speeches – his drafts and notes. They were so eloquent and beautiful that I came away from every visit marveling at what an astonishing communicator he was and wondering what it would have been like to hear him speak. That became the basis for ABE LINCOLN: BEHIND THE SPEECHES.

All four videos can be found at the website.

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