Friday, May 15, 2009

PODCAST: Wacky News w/ Brendan Kennedy

Wacky News w/ Brendan Kennedy

There was no C vs. A Radio Hour this week, but we had to share this clip that would've aired if there was a show. Stand-up comic and funny guy BRENDAN KENNEDY joined host Dave Walk in the studio to share some "Wacky News" that's been in the news lately. It was a fun time and as Brendan always says: "wocka wocka!"

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Brendan will be performing stand-up tonight at Studio Luloo (916 White Horse Pike, Oaklyn, NJ) and he'll be defending his Omniana title at the Ministry of Secret Jokes on May 27th.

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Chiiiiiiiiiiiiip said...

I am glad Dave specified that Brendan is a "Stand-up comic" AND "funny guy".

Because, as we all know, they are not mutually exclusive.

Brendan's phrase "Israel is a Dick" would make a great t-shirt slogan for anti-Semitic teens.

Also, "Anti-Semetic Teens" is the name of my Yahoo Fantasy Roller Hockey team.

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