Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Seinfeld Contest Tonight at the Kimmel Center

Folks, this is kind of cheesy but we'll pass it along. Tonight, the Kimmel Center, the beautiful state-the-art home of the The Philadelphia Orchestra, Opera Company of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Ballet, etc. will be holding Seinfeld contest:

Are you Master of your domain? Queen of the castle? Lord of the manor? Give us your best 1 minute Seinfeld bit for a chance to win 4 tickets to see Jerry Seinfeld at the Academy of Music. If you think you are Spongeworthy, then this is The Contest for you.
That one minute can either be something from Seinfeld's stand-up act or from the hit show. The complete rules explain that you'll be judged on your "dress, delivery, comedic timing and choice of material." Dress? How do you dress like Seinfeld? A suit? Or blue jeans, tucked in button-down shirt and white sneakers?

Here's Seinfeld performing on The Tonight Show w/ Johnny Carson for the first time, way before the popular sitcom. He'll be at the Academy of Music this Friday and Saturday.


Anonymous said...

Isn't asking about being 'master of your domain' more about asking if you're able to resist masturbation than about your ability to imitate a TV show?

Anonymous said...

Also... third place in this contest wins you tickets to see "Spring Awakening"


That's the kind of show they'd make fun of on Seinfeld.