Wednesday, February 20, 2008

RECAP: Bedtime Stories 2/6

The theme of this month's episode of Bedtime Stories was "Girls Gone Wild" and each performer brought a different spin to the idea:

- Host Gregg Gethard told a story about his old girlfriend 17-year old punk rock girlfriend (he was a college 22-year old college graduate) and then he sang a song about her with the help of Sixth Borough's Tabitha Vidaurri.

- Secret Pants fought the good fight against the girls that went wild in Gender Wars 2015.
Photo Credit: Pat Kelly

- Little Miss Jaime Fountaine of North Wales read excerpts from her diary about a sleepover she had with her friends.
Photo Credit: Pat Kelly

- Meg & Rob took us to a basement in the 1930s as a young man experiences Paramour Industries’ “Love Over The Phone”.
Photo Credit: Pat Kelly

- From the far distant future, Derrick Finn explained time travel and the webcam whore.
Photo Credit: Pat Kelly

- From the far to the near future: the audience got a sneak peak at some new Disney channel shows about Hannah Montana and Jaime Lynn Spears.

- And finally, Doogie Horner, John Kensil and Jen Thwing went hunting and talked about love.
Photo Credit: Pat Kelly

Check back tomorrow for some video from the evening.

- Interview with Bedtime Stories host Gregg Gethard parts I and II
- Video of The Ultimate Warrior, Animosity Pierre and Diz.
- Recap of January's installment

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