Thursday, June 12, 2008

Local Comedy News

Local stand-up comics are getting ready for Helium Philly's Phunniest Contest which begins August 5th with semi-finals on the 15th and concludes with the finals on Aug 16th. You can sign-up at Helium's website. 2007 Philly's Phunniest Person, Steve Gerben, hosts the preliminary round and Austin's Jimmie Roulette hosts the rest.

Meg of Meg and Rob recently saw Gallagher in New Brunswick, New Jersey and lived to write about it for The Smart Set. And she was nice enough to send us a list of five additional things that didn't make the article:

1. Before the show, Gallagher went around handing out Hershey Kisses to everyone.
2. Gallagher apparently believes that people drive Hummers to anti-war protests fairly regularly.
3. I don't think Gallagher understands female anatomy. One of his jokes accused women of being illogical because they use toilet paper when they pee.
4. Gallagher has had a heart attack, and now his doctor wants him to drink soymilk.
5. Gallagher called sporks "spoon-forks," even when the audience started yelling "spork!" at him. He believes that spoon-forks (like the female anatomy) are illogical.
More Meg and Rob news, you say? Well, they just returned from Chicago's Snubfest and here are some photos. "Chicago has about 1,000 more Thai restaurants and 20 more large public clocks than Philadelphia," says Meg. "You can swim in Lake Michigan without worrying that your skin will fall off like it would if you took a dip in the Schuylkill. Comedy-wise, one of the biggest differences is just that there seems to be a good audience base there. People are aware that there's comedy around, and they like seeing it."

Just down 95 this August is the DC Comedyfest with sketch, stand-up and improv shows, a discussion panel and even comedy screenplay and short film competitions. Submissions for the competitions must be received by July 3rd.

The Sixth Borough have a new website. And in related news, troupe members Emily McGraw, Gregg Gethard and Corey Cohen will be performing at Toiling in Obscurity, a night of "readings of unpublished manuscripts by unfamous authors with day jobs" at The Dive (947 E. Passyunk) on June 20th. Emily will be playing guitar and "Gregg and Corey will be somehow comedic."

Kent Haines's web show "That Guy" will debut on Sony's C-Spot next Tuesday. Kent is co-creator, executive producer and star of the series. In the meantime, check out the video that made it all happen.

On August 1st, Captain Janks of the Howard Stern Show will host a night of comedy with Geno Bisconte and Benny Michaels at Riots Comedy Night at The Towne House.

The Waitstaff are celebrating their six years of comedy in Philadelphia with a show at World Cafe Live (3025 Walnut St.) on July 11th. "Our six anniversary show is going to comprise many classic sketches that fans have come to love, but also include new pieces," says founder Jim Boyle. "There’s a lot out there to make fun of and that’ll keep us going for the next six years.”

Seen a local comedian eating a sandwich lately? Why didn't you tell us?! E-mail comicvsaudience AT gmail DOT com with your tips.

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