Friday, June 13, 2008

VIDEO: Omniana: Pat Barker vs. Steve Gerben

Last month at Fergie's Pub during the Ministry of Secret Jokes show, comics Pat Barker and Steve Gerben engaged in an intense battle of Omniana. You may recall last month's battle between Pat Barker and Kent Haines in which Pat managed to defeat Kent. He also took the time on stage then to call out Steve Gerben, who was originally supposed to be his opponent. And this setup the epic battle for the Omniana championship which you can see below with pre and post interviews and analysis.

Again, here are the rules of the game from the official Omniana website:

On each Character Card there is a brief description of an original character detailing his special abilities, weaknesses and history. Players take turns sending one of their characters into an opponent's pre-selected character. Using only the information on their cards, both of the battling players must argue how and why his character would win a duel.
The difference with this live version is that the winner is decided by the audience.

NOTE: Due to technical difficulties, you'll miss the beginning of Pat's character. Just know that he's a Roman Emperor and take it from there.

Feel free to discuss in the comments, but your opinion only really matters if you go to the next Ministry of Secret Jokes show June 25th.


Pruneface said...

Masterful. I love the post game commentary, Steve is giddy.

Steve said...

I'm preposterously good in this.