Friday, June 20, 2008

PHOTOS: Philly Sketchfest, 6/6

With all of the excitement this week, we almost forgot to post the photos we took from the Philly Sketchfest earlier this month. The two-day festival that included pretty much every sketch group in Philadelphia was a lot of fun and worked nicely in the beautiful theater at the Painted Bride. And, according to David Terruso, one of the producers, it raised $2,250 for the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America. Next year's festival promises to be bigger with the possibility of bringing in out-of-town groups.

We were only able to be at the Friday show, so unfortunately we don't have photos from Saturday night.

Bad Hair

Host and One Man Sketch Group, Chip Chantry

Meg & Rob

Secret Pants

Rowan & Hastings


Anonymous said...

Hey that's ME in that video!! Nice pics Dave.

briancraig said...

based solely on those two photos, one could infer that bryce plays the same role in all of our sketches.

and you wouldn't be far off.

Dave T said...

Thanks for the post, Sir!

Anonymous said...

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