Sunday, July 20, 2008

PHOTOS: Chicago!

Here at Comic Vs. Audience we feel that we need to offer you an apology. We didn't post anything last Thursday or Friday, but we have a good reason for it, we were in Chicago and too busy having fun to be bothered!

But now we are back with some photos we took in an effort to regain your trust. We had a great time and Chicago is really an amazing city (seriously!). Enjoy the photos!

The legendary Second City (1616 N Wells St). A breeding ground for improv and sketch comedy, many Saturday Night Live greats have come from here: Gilda Radner, John Belushi, Chris Farley and more.

And near Second City is the Chicago stand-up staple Zanies (1548 N Wells St), which boasts to have featured many comedians before they became famous.

The Jay Pritzker Pavilion (201 E Randolph St). Designed by legendary architect Frank Gehry, this pavilion is home to the Grant Park Music Festival and many free concerts throughout the year.

The marvelous Crown Fountain (201 E Randolph St), located in Millennium Park near the Jay Pritzker. The faces of local yokels are projected on two 50-foot glass towers at each end of a shallow reflecting pool for the kiddies to play in.

The Cloud Gate (201 E Randolph St), affectionately called "the bean" by locals, is a 110-ton elliptical sculpture with a 12-foot arch for walking through and taking reflective photos of (entertaining photos not included here).

The Boring Store (1331 N Milwaukee Ave), in the heart of the Wicker Park neighborhood (which is the Northern Liberties of Chicago from what we could tell), is a spy store and front for the 826CHI, a Dave Eggers/McSweeney's writing workshop for students ages 6 to 18.

Sad news: the legendary bank robber John Dillinger has been shot at the Biograph Theater (2433 N. Lincoln Ave.) coming out of a movie there.

Even sadder news: the Haymarket Riot happened (151-199 N. Desplaines St). Eight policeman and innumerable civilians died in what was supposed to be a peaceful rally in support of the eight-hour work day (what a silly idea!). This event was an important influence on "May Day", which is now celebrated throughout the world and mostly ignored in the U.S. (crazy foreigners!).

And the worst news of all: a large fire spread throughout downtown Chicago. The fire was so damaging in fact that they are calling it, aptly, "The Chicago Fire". Luckily our hotel was sparred. Plans are in place to name their professional soccer franchise after the tragedy.

Well, we hope you enjoyed our definitive tour of Chicago. We've got a lot of great stuff coming up next week, so strap in and mentally prepare yourself.

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Dave T said...

I love the use of old timey pictures with now timey captions. Well done.