Saturday, August 16, 2008

Philly's Phunniest Contest, 8/15

This is when it gets real, folks. Tonight was the semi-finals of the contest and there's no more fucking around. The excess beginners and amateurs have been cut out and the shows were tight. Twenty-six comedians would step on stage tonight, but only eight would survive and go on to the finals.

There were a few differences from the preliminary round. The results were out of the audience's hands now and were instead decided by a handful of local Philadelphia media personalities from TV, radio and the web. Also, Austin's Jimmie Roulette was the host and did a good job of warming up the crowd and keeping the show moving between acts.

From the first show, the finalists are (in no particular order): Andy Nolan, Richie Redding, Kent Haines, and Pat Barker

From the second show: Larry XL, Derek Gaines, Roger Weaver, and Mike Drucker.

It's all finally decided tomorrow night at 8 PM as the eight final finalists will take the stage once more time to see who is the 2008 Philly's Phunniest Person. Check back then for the results!

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