Thursday, September 25, 2008

Comic Vs. Audience Turns 1!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Comic Vs. Audience turns one-year old today! Mazel Tov!

It was exactly one year ago that we put up our first post: a video interview with local comedian Anton Shuford. What was at first just a video podcast of Philadelphia comedy exploded into a multi-media website with interviews, photos, news, columns, reviews or more stuff. We screened Doug Benson's Super High Me before it hit stores and today we have our own stand-up show and have been on the cover of Time! Ok, that last one isn't true. Yet!

And what's in the works for next year, you say? We'll have a re-designed look, some new features, new columns and some other big surprises. More, more, and more.

We'd like to specifically thank Doogie Horner for the artwork (today's his birthday too!), Gregg Gethard for his writing, everyone else that has contributed to the cause and Rashanda La Beats for putting up with all of this goddamn bullshit. Oh yes, and all of the comedians of Philadelphia that making this worth doing.

[Confetti-filled balloons fall from the ceiling, the crowd can't stop rhythmically clapping. Wow, they are really going all-out with this, it's only a freakin' website.]

To REALLY celebrate, after the jump we've compiled a list of our favorite and most popular posts from the last year.

Seriously, thanks for reading this thing. It's been fun.

Anton Shuford
Jonah Ray and the (Still) Born in the USA Comedy Tour
Doogie Horner at Die, Actor, Die
Meg & Rob at Die, Actor, Die
Die, Actor, Die!: Fred Siegel and The Funniest Waiter in Philadelphia
Pat Barker at Die, Actor, Die
Diz at Bedtime Stories
Secret Pants at Bedtime Stories
Animosity Pierre at Bedtime Stories
The Ultimate Warrior Reads Transcripts from the Rush Limbaugh Radio Show
Kent Haines at Die, Actor, Die
Meg & Rob at Bedtime Stories
Illegal Refill - long-form improv
Kent Haines and Aaron Hertzog at Bedtime Stories
Comedy at an Art Show
Animosity Pierre at Die, Actor, Die
Omniana Battle: Pat Barker vs. Kent Haines
Chip Chantry at the Ministry of Secret Jokes
Ministry of Secret Jokes Instructional Video #1: How To Dress Mysteriously
Ministry of Secret Jokes Instructional Video #2: How To Keep A Secret

Joey Dougherty
The Sixth Borough
Gregg Gethard, Part I II
The Great Holtzie
Brendan Kennedy
Secret Pants
Greg Maughan
Animosity Pierre
Don Montrey
Meg & Rob
5 Questions With: Dave Hill

Doogie Horner's Literary Adventures
Dave Terruso's Life Of Letters
Chip Chantry: I Messed With Texas
DUCK, DUCK, NOOSE: A Local Man's Sad Commute is Truly a Buzz-Kill by Chip Chantry

The Chris Farley Show by Tom Farley Jr. and Tanner Colby
Comedy at the Edge by Richard Zoglin
Bill Cosby live
Chris Rock live
The Comedians of Comedy live
Doug Stanhope Live

Philly's Phunniest Person Contest coverage
A Comedy Podcast Review
DO IT ROCKAPELLA!: The Epic Tale of 'Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?' by Gregg Gethard
Five Web Apps That Could Help Your Comedy
The Colbert Report in Philadelphia
THINGS YOU SAY DURING SEX flow chart by Doogie Horner


Dave T said...

Congratulations, ComVAud! You have a lot of teeth and hair for a one year old.

This site kicks fart-ass and I love being part of it.

Pruneface said...

Happy Birthday! 1 year old! You baby!

The Feeko Brothers said...

Matt Ruby said...

Congrats man!

Chip Chantry said...

Google's like 10.

Suck it, comicvs!!