Wednesday, September 3, 2008

David Terruso's LIFE OF LETTERS #6

Comic Vs. Audience is proud to present every Wednesday, LIFE OF LETTERS, a new twelve-part comic strip series by David Terruso of the local sketch group Animosity Pierre.

(Click to enlarge)

Check back next Wednesday for episode #7!


Chip Chantry said...

Dave T is the Wolfgang Puck of water polo.

Dave T said...

I'm pretty sure you just insulted me, but since you're the first person to comment on an LOL, I say Thank You, Kind Sir.

Ryan P. Carey, D.D.S. said...

quiet, dave.

(i almost couldn't post this gem of a comment because I couldn't nail the word verification until the fifth try... i thought I was having a stroke... turns out i'm just going blind from bating too much)

Dave T said...

hahaha. And who knew you were a dentist?!

Heard you did Ministry last week. Sorry I missed it.

eda said...