Friday, December 12, 2008

VIDEO: I'm Gay (For Gilbert Arenas)

Lord knows we don't mention the Washington Wizards basketball team ever (and as a Cleveland Cavs fan, honestly, we're sick of having to see Gilbert Arenas in the playoffs every year), but we found this video funny and thought it was worth mentioning. It was done by Chris Gethard, the NYC-based brother of Philadelphia's Gregg Gethard.

The hope, seemingly, is for Gilbert Arenas to post it on his very popular blog (we mean really popular, dude supposedly invented the athlete blogging idea). No luck so far as Arenas hasn't posted since November, but in the meantime other blogs are chiming in. names it the epic fail of the day: "Gil is going to have to answer a few questions on this."

The sports blog Mr. Irrelevant says: "Disclaimer: While I do possess a gold Arenas jersey and an affinity for the man, I’d prefer that Agent Zero not 'beat my buzzer', thank you very much." Good call on setting the record straight, bro.

And finally, Chris Cooley, tight end for the Washington Redskins football team has has linked to the video (the football fans out there may remember this): "This guy wants Gilbert to blog about him...even if Gil doesn't I'm glad that we did."

So pass along the video if you can, so that Gethard can achieve his dream of a night with Gilbert Arenas. Hibachi!

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