Friday, December 12, 2008

Our Week in Review

We don't toot our own horn that often, but this was a pretty good week for us. In case you missed it, we:

- Re-lived the explosion that was The Dave Hill Explosion
- Analyzed like the Zapruder film Philadelphia's best local commercial
- Announced the death of monthly comedy show Die, Actor, Die
- Chatted with stand-up hero (yes, he's our hero) and Philadelphia native Todd Glass
- Shared a fail-safe mixtape that you should give to a widow that you've had a crush on and been "best friends" with since high the funeral
- Broke the story of a man suing God over a flooded basement
- Discovered that a man was gay (for Gilbert Arenas)

Check back next week for more quality stuff! We're done for now and will not break the blogger oath against posting on the weekend.

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