Monday, November 26, 2007

This Week: The best week of the entire week

This week is a stone-cold stunner for comedy in Philadelphia. Don't believe me?

Monday: Ok, not a good start. Nothing funny about Mondays. But I do recommend you see my friends' band Shout Magic at the Tritone around 10PM. I can't guarantee that they will be funny, but perhaps their between-songs banter will generate comedic results.

On Tuesday Helium's holding an audition for the Comedy Central show "Live At Gotham". It's free, but they won't listen to just anyone's eight minutes. You won't be able to get on stage unless you are:

Pat Barker
Joe Bublewicz
Chip Chantry
Chris Coccia
Steve Gerben
David James
Laurence Mullaney
Andy Nolan
Anton Shuford
Roger Weaver
and host, Pat House

Although there's no cost, reservations are required and the club says that it is selling out fast.

Wednesday brings another installment of Bedtime Stories at the Shubin Theatre (4th & Bainbridge). Hosted by Gregg Gethard, this month's theme is "Let My Love Open The Door" with sketches, monologues and whatever else on dating, relationships, heartbreak, etc. from:

Secret Pants
Meg & Rob
Greg Maughan
Members of The Sixth Borough
plus other guests

On Thursday, Meg & Rob of Meg & Rob will be performing their live sketch show from this past summer's Fringe Fest "Reviving the Lecture Circuit" at the Shubin Theatre. The duo knocked it out of the park with two new sketches at Die, Actor, Die! last week. By "it" I mean, a home run, and "home run" is a metaphor for doing a very good job. The show will be made up of lecture-style monologues from fake celebrities in the "spirit of the mid-1800's humorists who developed personas in order to satirize serious lecturers".

Thursday also brings the return of Sour Grapes, this time at Mooney's Pub at 4th & Ritner in South Philly at 8PM. It's an open mic night for anyone "willing to air their grievances, dislikes, gripes, diatribes, frustrations, issues, calamities, slanderous and libelious spewings and overall disenchantment with this ridiculous, overwhelming and pointless thing called life."

Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter of The State & Stella return to The Filmore TLA on Friday. They both have a new album out- I Am A Wonderful Man and Sandwiches and Cats, respectively- that are worth checking out. And from the looks of this interview it should be a fun show.

And just a few blocks away at the Shubin through Sunday, Philly longform improv heroes Rare Bird Show with Chicago's Bassprov

You've got a lot of options for Saturday. ComedySportz Philly will be at the Playground at the Adrienne (2030 Sansom St.) at 7:30 and 10, Industrial improv at the Shubin at 8 and then Rare Bird Show and Bassprov again at 10, as well as standup comic Clinton Jackson at Helium.

And finally on Sunday Helium's got a special event called "Crazy, Sexy Comedy" featuring Sharrod Small, Dean Edwards and hosted by South Philly native Keith Robinson.

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