Thursday, April 30, 2009

THE SIXTH BOROUGH: A Neighborhood Fit For Kings

Join The Sixth Borough as they explore a Philadelphia neighborhood that few have dared to explore and even fewer have survived: Fairmount!


I was on the UsedWigs Radio podcast

Hi, Dave here, the guy that writes pretty much all of these posts. Just wanted to let you know that I was recently on the UsedWigs Radio podcast. We played songs, talked about comedy and music and I tried to be funny. There was also an interview with Greg Fitzsimmons. You can listen through iTunes or here. Thanks Jeff, Russ and Todd!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

TONIGHT: The Ministry of Secret Jokes

Admit it, you felt something deep down inside this morning and you know what it means. It's time again for THE MINISTRY OF SECRET JOKES at Fergie's Pub (1214 Sansom) hosted by stand-up Doogie Horner.

Tonight's show features Powerpoint Wizard Jon Goff, Justin Williams, and Pete Kuempel, music by Emily McGraw of The Sixth Borough, an Omniana battle between champ Brendan Kennedy and Mike Rainey plus The Three Faces of John Kensil (see above).

And wouldn't you know it, tonight is the one-year anniversary of the showcase. Yep, it's been a year since we put up the original poster of the show that has captured the hearts of many. Oh how far we've all come, right?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


R.O. Manse

Reginald Orland Manse is a British new wave singer that has a new Best of R.O. Manse compilation out now on AST Records. In this interview with Dave Walk of The C vs. A Radio Hour, he discusses the ups and downs of his career and the inspiration behind some of his hit songs.

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Check back later in the week for a bonus podcast with R.O. Manse!

Monday, April 27, 2009


PAOLI, PA: The economy may be down, but spirits were up today at XMarx Accounting, where human resources secretary Candy Ferber received almost four compliments on her new kelly green lady's jumper.

"It's like treat day- and it's only Wednesday!" beams Ferber, a squat, jolly woman in her mid-forties, as she applies foundation makeup to her glistening jowls.

"Doesn't she look lovely? That shade of green really brings out your beautiful eyes, Candy!" exclaims 72-year old Janine Warzak, from across the break room. "The men will be lined up at your scrapbooking class tonight!"

Ferber has been an employee at XMarx for 12 years, not counting the six months she took leave in 1999, after finding her fiancee had hung himself in her foyer. "She's had a rough go of it", loudly whispers Warzak. "All's she's got in this world is this job and those four cats of hers. And at least none of 'em can fashion a noose, if you know what I mean", confides Warzak, while not-so-subtly pantomiming hanging herself.

"She looks... very... professional. Very... nice," states Ferber's boss, XMarx Human Resources VP Mark Ingraham. "Candy has worked for me for three years now, and does a real... bang-up job." Ferber was assigned to Ingraham in 2006 after it was revealed that Ingraham was having and extra-marital affair with his former secretary, 22-year old Allison McCarthy. "The board of directors... and my wife... felt that Candy would be a perfect match for me. And she sure can... make a... strong cup of Joe," offers Ingraham as he gazes downward.

When asked how much she'd paid for the green corduroy dress, Ferber bellowed, "Not a penny! When my Aunt Barbara died, my mother and I were cleaning out her closet at the home, and it jumped right out at me! I guess why they call it a 'jumper'!" she chuckled as she tugged at her orange turtleneck and fixed her bob haircut.

"Well, it suits you just perfectly. Earth tones are really your look!" gushed office gay-guy Jeffrey Combs.

Not all the reviews were positive though. "I mean, she looks like an island of sadness wrapped in a Home Depot smock", laments salesman Jim Mullin. "Call a spade a spade. Don't toy with its emotions. She'll turn on you, like that one circus bear on When Animals Attack Their Owners or whatever the hell it's called."

"At least she's not wearing yellow again", states receptionist Gail Kensil. "What a terrible day for her. I have never seen adults be so cruel."

Some employees were unaware that Ferber was even wearing a new outfit today. "Wait- Candy? That's her actual name?" asked accountant Peter Chin. "I thought people called her that because she's always eating Milky Ways. No shit."

Kelly green is a drastic change for Ferber, who usually dons denim frocks or long, gray sweatshirts over black stretch pants.

"At least I THINK they're stretch pants- who knows?" adds Mullin, as he crushes a cigarette butt in the water fountain. "I mean, I thought she was a man for the first few months she was here. I got her a copy of Girls Gone Wild for Secret Santa that year. How the fuck was I supposed to know?"

Luckily, those sentiments were not shared with the gal in green.

"I have an extra spring in my step today! Ferber boasts. "Which is weird, because this is the first time I have worn dress shoes since my color guard reunion dinner in January!"

So, the question is: Will the kelly green jumper be making more appearances to the office?

"Are you kidding?! This is my new lucky outfit! I might win the office raffle tomorrow! SHOW ME THE MONEY!"

What a positive outlook. This reporter is just green with envy.

Chip Chantry is a Philadelphia stand-up comedian

Friday, April 24, 2009

Japanese comedic storytelling form RAKUGO coming to Philadelphia

This evening, the Japanese Association of Greater Philadelphia is putting on what they believe to be the first Rakugo event in Philadelphia at the Philadelphia Ethical Society (1906 Rittenhouse Sq.) starting at 7PM.

Rakugo is a Japanese storytelling format that is believed to have begun in the 18th century. The lone storyteller (Rakugoka, 落語家) sits on stage and with only a paper fan (扇子, "sensu") and a cloth (手拭, "tenugui") as props telling a comedic story from multiple points of view. The story usually ends with a final punchline called an ochi (落ち, lit. "fall") or sage (下げ, lit. "lowering") that is the culmination of the entire tale. Because everything leads up to this final laugh, its a significant amount of commitment on the storyteller's part to "setup" the punchline.

Naturally there are Rakugo performances on Youtube and here's one from California:

Sanyutei Kyouraku and Sanyutei Jinraku from Toyko will be performing tonight (with English subtitles) and tickets are still available.


The Sixth Borough - "The Romantic Mix"

Previously mentioned in this recap of their live show "Depression Isn't Just A River in Egypt".

Thursday, April 23, 2009

TONIGHT: The C vs. A Radio Hour!

Our bi-weekly comedy talk show returns tonight from 7-8PM EST with our friends at (The Sound From Germantown).

Your host Dave Walk will be talking to comedians, playing not-funny songs and other great stuff, so make sure to set your internet dial to Who will be on the show this week?

R.O. Manse is a legendary British new wave singer that has a new "Best Of..." compilation out now on AST Records.

Plus we'll play clips from the new stand-up comedy CDs by Jim Gaffigan and John Mulaney.

Remember, that's 7-8PM TONIGHT Eastern Standard Time U.S.A., streaming at If you want to join in, instant message us in the studio on AIM, or Gchat at CVSARADIO or through Twitter (@comicvsaudience).

By the way, you can listen to G-Town Radio on your iPhone or iPod Touch!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

VIDEO: "Ask Bob" Fastball Pitcher Bob Gutierrez at The Khyber

There were funny comedians at the monthly Chip Chantry's One-Man Show w/ Special Guests this past Monday, but none if it quite compared to retired Fastball Pitcher Bob Gutierrez. Bob first came to the stage to talk about his career in the Chicago Cubs and Canadian minor league farm systems, share some tips on cheap living, read from his still-unpublished autobiography and even to sing both parts of a duet.

But the real highlight of the night was the 'Ask Bob' segment at the end of the show where audience members asked Bob for life advice. One of Bob's most important lessons: wear a cup everyday of your life and in the video below Bob shows why.

Apologies for the shaky camera work, this was my first try with the Flip cam.

Monday, April 20, 2009

COMING SOON: The Comic Vs. Audience Comedy Show!

Ladies and Gentleman, it's happening again! THE COMIC VS. AUDIENCE COMEDY SHOW is coming to a town near you, specifically Philadelphia! and the Philly Improv Theater present a night of engaging and hilarious stand-up comedy with FIVE comedians this time.


The Comic Vs. Audience Comedy Show!
Monday, May 4th, 2009
at the Shubin Theatre
407 Bainbridge St.
ONLY FIVE AMERICAN DOLLARS (tickets on-sale soon with no creepy service fees!)

Featuring stand-up comedy by:
Johnny Goodtimes
Tommy Papa
Jack Martin
Kerri Lendo (from Austin, Texas)
Andy Nolan

And hosted by Dave Walk (he'll have some jokes too)

And did we mention it's BYOB?!?!?

Friday, April 17, 2009

The NBA Playoffs For Dummies

The National Basketball Association playoffs start this Saturday and chances are you don't care. We know this; you're a comedy nerd and are probably allergic to any organized professional sport.

But you really should be watching. Unlike other professional sports, NBA players have personalities, styles and eccentricities that you can latch onto. It's about time you became familiar with the game.

So, we've broken down all sixteen teams that made it to the post-season and have given you a few tidbits to help you navigate this seemingly endless process. Gregg Gethard handles the Western Conference and Dave Walk handles the Eastern.


1. Los Angeles Lakers: The Lakers are the NBA’s glory team, beloved by celebrities such as Jack Nicholson, Ashton Kutcher and Penny Marshall. Seemingly, the only Hollywood celebrity who does not like the Lakers is Frankie Muniz, the former star of Malcolm in the Middle, and a lifelong Los Angeles Clippers fan.
PLAYER TO WATCH: Kobe Bryant. Kobe remains, to this day, one of the most lethal players in professional basketball. Off the court, he’s known for allegedly raping Colorado-area hotel clerks as well as uncomfortably awkward live rap performances.

2. Denver Nuggets: The Nuggets, for years, have been known for their wildly inconsistent play, particularly during stretch time, making them sort of a super coked up version of Mitch Hedburg but as a basketball team instead of a popular stand-up comedian.
PLAYER(S) TO WATCH: Leading the team is superstar Carmelo Anthony, who makes an appearance in a Stop Snitchin’ video which is geared to help build trust between police and inner-city residents. Chris “The Birdman”Anderson made a stunning return to the NBA, after having to sit out due to drug problems and the shame of missing 15 dunks in a row during the 2005 NBA Slam Dunk Contest.

3. San Antonio Spurs: The Spurs have been title contenders for what seems like half of my lifetime. They’re a consistently great team built around solid character guys who never get into trouble or find themselves in controversy. Yet, they’re wildly despised by NBA fans, despite being the team least likely to be involved in a pit bull fighting ring.
PLAYER TO WATCH: Michael Finley. NBA veteran Michael Finley is headed towards the end of his remarkable career. The two-time all-star has been playing in the league since 1995. Finley has been known as a consistent player and as the NBA player most likely to be confused with a homeless panhandler.

4. Portland TrailBlazers: The TrailBlazers have the best collection of young talent the NBA has seen in years. Portland-area basketball fans are excited, but can only feign interest so much as not to lose their indie cred.
PLAYER TO WATCH: Greg Oden. Oden was the first pick in the NBA Draft two seasons ago. He sat out last year after having knee surgery and showed flashes of potential this season. Oden has also taken improv lessons, but has made no decision about trying out for a PHIT Team.

5. Houston Rockets: The Rockets’ lost Tracy McGrady, the team’s leading scorer and most well-known player, for the season. After his injury, they were about 35 times better. This is the exact opposite of what happened to NBC’s The Today Show after Katie Couric left, because my morning’s have never been better.
PLAYER TO WATCH: The Immortal Ron Artest. Artest is a legend for starting riots during basketball games, for abruptly ending his basketball career to make rap albums and, most hilariously, for taking a part-time job at BestBuy while playing in the NBA to get an employee discount. What hs been completely forgotten is that Ron Artest is actually a really awesome basketball player.

6. Dallas Mavericks: It was only a few seasons ago when the Mavs were on top of the world. They were within two games of being NBA champions and were led by Dirk Nowitzki, named the league’s MVP. Then, they became what they are now – an uninteresting playoff team that no one really cares about anymore. They’re kind of like The White Stripes in a way.
PLAYER TO WATCH: Jason Kidd. Kidd is one of the NBA’s all-time great point guards, blessed with impeccable court vision and timing. He also was the husband in an all-time stormy athlete marriage. In divorce filings, his ex-wife Joumana claimed he hit her with a cookie, amongst other objects.

7. New Orleans Hornets: The Hornets appeared to be an up-and-coming team last year, but struggled at times this season. But they’re still dangerous, as they’re led by Chris Paul, a guy who should get a lot more acclaim and attention than he does. They’re a one-man show. Speaking of one-man shows, you should check out Dave Walk’s great interview with The State’s Kevin Allison, who was in town last week to perform his own one-man show. See what I did there? I’m awesome.
PLAYER TO WATCH: Rasual Butler, who went to La Salle when I did, and was one of the all-time biggest ball hogs. Seriously – anytime he touched the ball, he jacked up a shot. It was hilarious. Plus, everyone knows that Donnie Carr was the best player on those teams. And La Salle would have been a Final Four team if Donnie didn’t try and play though pneumonia.

8. Utah Jazz: There have been many consistencies in my life since I turned 12-years-old. I’ve never been good at science. I’ve always had low self-esteem. And the Utah Jazz have always been in the playoffs. The man who holds the team together is head coach Jerry Sloan, who once threatened to beat up Ricky Davis. Davis, who then played on the Cleveland Cavs, tried to get triple double by intentionally shooting (and missing) at his own rim to get a rebound with only a few seconds left. Watch it here, and pay close attention to the :22 mark, where Sloan makes one of the funniest faces in coaching history.
PLAYER TO WATCH: Andrei Kirilenko, who was at one point one of the best players in the league and had one of the most versatile skill-sets of his era. Kirilenko has since become frustratingly average. On the bright side, Kirilenko’s wife allows him to bang a groupie once a year. Kirilenko’s wife, by the way, is off-the-charts hot, particularly for those of us who have odd fetishes for Eastern European women. I may have said too much. - Gregg Gethard


1. Cleveland Cavaliers: The clear cut favorite to win the title this year, the Cavs possess a shutdown defense, an incredible backcourt and the biggest star in the game in Lebron James. It is this team's destiny to win the championship and bring hope and resolve to the post-industrial depression that is the city of Cleveland. If there is to be any faith in humanity and logic in this world, this team will be celebrating with a trophy raised at the end of this year. If not, God help us all as Cleveland may just explode due to the lack of a championship since 1964.
PLAYER TO WATCH: Lebron James, small forward and the overall best player in the league with his mystical pre-game ritual that has caught the imagination of fans across the entire league. I find it weird that fans of the opposing team will cheer this while they are secure in the knowledge that he's going to demolish their team mere minutes later.
[FULL DISCLOSURE: The author is a huge Cavs fan.]

2. Boston Celtics: The Celtics have taught us a lot over the last few years: anything's possible (and that you look good tonight, girl), you can be taken off the court in a wheelchair and come back later in the game and that a guy named Big Baby will cry on the bench sometimes. They're the defending world champs but have had a somewhat rocky season this year, due in part to power forward Kevin Garnett's prolonged knee injury.
PLAYER TO WATCH: Paul Pierce, small forward. With emotional, spiritual and physical leader of the team Kevin Garnett probably out for the entire playoffs, PP will have to carry the team on both sides of the ball more than usual. Yes, PP will definitely have to step up even more and let everyone know that he, PP, means business. PP will have to do all that PP possibly can.

3. Orlando Magic: The Magic are a sharp shooting 3-point team that are always ready to go on a run that will leave you in the dust (the "you" only makes sense if you are a NBA player reading this). When he's not getting tea bagged by a 5' 9" New York Knickerbocker, Dwight Howard is one of the most dominant players in the game. Plus, President Obama gave small forward Hedo Turkoglu a shoutout during a recent speech to the Turkish Parliament, so they've got that going for them. The Magic are dangerous and if Howard can ever get mad like The Hulk, everyone's going to be running away scared. Luckily, he's just too much of a "nice guy" (see teabagging comment above).
PLAYER TO WATCH: Point guard Jameer Nelson, from the bench because he's out with a shoulder injury. People from Philly love to tell you that he went to St. Joe's as they recount the fun years of their life. So when I'm watching this game and they show a shot of Nelson in street clothes on the bench, I'm sure I'll hear it again.

4. Atlanta Hawks: The Hawks are the quietest team in the whole playoffs that no one really seems to know about. Ok, let's move on.
PLAYER TO WATCH: Shooting guard Joe Johnson averages 21.4 points per game (non-basketball fans: this is really good) but is still underrated across the league even though he was in this year's illustratious H.O.R.S.E. competition. What other barely televised All Star weekend competition does a guy have to do to get some respect in this league?

5. Miami Heat: I really can't find much to write about this team besides that Dwayne Wade is insanely good. So there, Dwayne Wade.
PLAYER TO WATCH: Dwayne Wade, shooting guard. One of the most dynamic and dominant players in the game, Wade is one of the few players that can potentially will his team to win all by himself. If you don't know anything about basketball, he's the guy in those T-Mobile Fave Five commercials that isn't Charles Barkley. He's a great straight man.

6. Philadelphia Sixers: The local chaps are a band of young upstarts that scrap out their wins. The official PR cred for the team is "run with us". Unfortunately, they'll probably be run out of the playoffs in the first round.
PLAYER TO WATCH: Reggie Evans, power forward. Reggie comes off the bench sometime around the end of the first quarter and is averaging 3.3 points per game this year. In Game 3 of last year's opening round, local stand-up comedian Aaron Hertzog started shouting "M-V-P!" every time Reggie did something. Reggie is a good player but definitely not a MVP, which made the chant very funny. Seriously, it was hilarious, you had to be there. Help us grow his chant this post-season. Chant with us!

7. Chicago Bulls: Chicago has grown used to winners over the years (uh, ever heard of that Michael Jordan guy?), but they haven't had much to be proud of lately. Still not sure if they have much to be proud about, but this team has made the playoffs and has a legitimate shot at beating the Celtics in the first round.
PLAYER TO WATCH: Sensational rookie point guard Derrick Rose. The guy rarely breaks a sweat and always looks to be in calm control of his team. Learn this dude's name now even if the closest you're getting to a basketball is watching Will Ferrell in Semi-Pro.

8. Detroit Pistons: Once the zenith of the entire league winning it all in 2004, the Pistons core has been decimated by age and some bad roster moves. Philadelphia ex-pat Allen Iverson is out for the rest of the season due to back issues (must...resist...making...practice...jokes). Elsewhere, power forward/center Rasheed Wallace is the biggest blowhard in the game who seemingly believes that he has never committed a foul and thus acts incrediously whenever one is called on him. He's done it so much that he was actually suspended a game for how many times that a technical foul has been called on him (a technical foul is naughtier than a regular foul).
PLAYER TO WATCH: Tayshaun Prince, small forward. The voice of reason on the team, he's kind of like the sober guy when everyone else is incredibly drunk. "No Danny, don't try to jump that parking meter, you'll hurt yourself. Hey hey, Aaron, don't piss on the couch, come on!"- Dave Walk


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Video Philadelphia

Animosity Pierre - The Inventionors Ep. 6

Mikey Gleason - Drowned by Energy Drinks (Current TV)

The Feeko Brothers - Meeting Mister Millstone (feat. Gregg Gethard)

Secret Pants - Booty Shorts for Me


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

PODCAST: Animosity Pierre's "Detective Richard Spoolding: A Radio Play"

Animosity Pierre: Detective Richard Spoolding: A Radio Play

Lung Cancer Cigarettes brings you another exciting episode of Dick Spalding as Detective Richard Spoolding. Costarring Jim DeLancey as Spoolding’s right-hand-man, James DoLuncey, and the lovely MJ Flanigan as Spoolding’s secretary and main squeeze, Mary Jane Flonnigan.

Animosity Pierre will be presenting I.R.S. (Intensely Ridiculous Sketch), 100 minutes of comic hi jinks TONIGHT at the Helium Comedy Club (2031 Sansom) at 8PM. Stand-up comics Doogie Horner and Andy Nolan will also perform.

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Listen to this episode (6:54):

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Monday, April 13, 2009

PODCAST: Blangalangalang, DJ Footie Pajamas and Animosity Pierre

Blangalangalang, DJ Footie Pajamas and Animosity Pierre

First, rappers Blangalangalang and DJ Footie Pajamas stop by to perform their song "Buy Your Face" and then Animosity Pierre visit to talk about their show at Helium Comedy Club, "Intensely Ridiculous Sketch", this Wednesday the 15th.

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Listen to this episode (23:22):

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Here's a (quite NSFW) video of Blangalangalang and DJ Footie Pajamas performing one of their other signature songs live at The Khyber:


Friday, April 10, 2009

PODCAST: Kevin Allison

Kevin Allison of The State

Kevin Allison was a writer and performer in the The State and now he's got a one-man show called 'F*** Up' that he'll perform this Friday through Sunday at the Shubin Theatre. He's also teaching classes this weekend with the Philly Improv Theater.

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Listen to this episode (27:17):

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And if that wasn't enough for you, here's another podcast of additional talk that didn't make it to air.

Listen to this episode (5:30):

Download this episode (as a .mp3)


Thursday, April 9, 2009

TONIGHT: The C vs. A Radio Hour!

Our bi-weekly comedy talk show returns tonight from 7-8PM EST with our friends at (The Sound From Germantown).

Your host Dave Walk will be talking to Philadelphia comedians, playing not-funny songs and other great stuff, so make sure to set your internet dial to Who will be on the show this week?

Kevin Allison was a writer and performer in the New York City sketch group The State, who had a televsion show on MTV from 1993-1995. He's got a new one-man show, "F*** Up" that he'll be performing at the Shubin Theatre Friday through Sunday.

And Animosity Pierre are a Philadelphia sketch comedy duo that are presenting I.R.S. (Intensely Ridiculous Sketch), 100 minutes of comic hijinks on Tax Day (April 15th) with Andy Nolan and Doogie Horner at the Helium Comedy Club.

Remember, that's 7-8PM TONIGHT Eastern Standard Time U.S.A., streaming at If you want to join in, instant message us in the studio on AIM, Yahoo!, Gchat or MSN at CVSARADIO or through Twitter (@comicvsaudience).

By the way, you can listen to G-Town Radio on your iPhone or iPod Touch!

Comedy News In Brief

- The N Crowd have added three new members to the team: Michael Cosenza, Ben Schindler and Alan Williams. []
- Local stand-up Chip Chantry opened for Judah Friedlander at The TLA this past Saturday. According to Chip on Twitter: "Judah Friedlander drinks bottled shark tears."
- Comedysportz Philly is holding auditions. [ComedySportz Philly]
- The No. 1 Comedy Show open mic at Cavanaughs' Rittenhouse is dead due to issues with management.
- Chicago's Second City are coming to Philadelphia to team up with, aptly, the Philadelphia Theatre Company for shows July 8th through August 2nd. [Theatre Alliance]
- Local improv groups BWP, Fletcher, Illegal Refill will perform in New York City with Magnet Theater house team Lead McEnroe this Friday. [Magnet Theater]
- Welcome to the Terrordome is back on Friday, May 15th. It'll be in Fishtown like in the past, but this time at Johnny Brenda's (just say "JBs", play along). The Sixth Borough, Secret Pants, Meg & Rob, Animosity Pierre and powerpoint master Jon Goff will perform.

Know of something going on with Philadelphia comedy? E-mail comicvsaudience AT gmail DOT com with your tips.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

RECAP: The Sixth Borough: Depression Isn't Just A River in Egypt, 4/3, Connie's Ric Rac

Photos by Dave Walk

The Sixth Borough: Depression Isn't Just A River in Egypt
Friday, April 3rd, 2009
Connie's Ric Rac

One quick glance at the title of The Sixth Borough's latest show may, well, depress you. Are they going to talk about the sad state of this country, the very thing that the audience may be at the show to avoid? Thankfully, no, not too much at least. The show opened with a old-timey educational video about Fairmount ("A Neighborhood For Kings"). I, for one, learned a lot about that part of the city that I haven't really visited too often. That one block of Fairmount St. looks to be the place to be.

Elsewhere, there was an violent intervention, vampire reality show producers, cults, a depression study by a non-doctor, a monkey that could read and a few 10-second sketches. The highlight of the night was a video concerning a love triangle between two dudes, a girl and a bunch of mix CDs. Hopefully the video will be hitting your internets soon.

The five members of the group have differing acting styles that make for an interesting mash-up of sensibilities. And by the time they did talk about our economic disaster, it was all ok in the end with the song and dance number "We're In The Money" because we are sooooo in the money!

Also, this may be a better time than most to present to you our new Flickr photostream featuring photographic images from live shows around Philadelphia. Look for more soon!

Steven Wright to play the Keswick Theatre 6/4

at the Keswick Theatre
Thursday, June 4th, 2009


Secret Pants - "Dead Hooker Theater"

Needless to say it's NSFW.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

THIS WEEK: PHIT at the Shubin Theatre

It's time again for the Philly Improv Theater's week at the Shubin Theatre (407 Bainbridge St). The week actually kicked off Monday with our show, but the highlights of the week are still yet to come with the new show of sketch comedy from The Action Section, the one-man show of Kevin Allison of The State fame and more.

Wednesday, April 8th
8 p.m. - Why Am I Not Famous?!?: A Comedy Talk Show w/ Kent Haines, $5. This month Philly's only comedy talk show welcomes Phliadelphia comedians Meg Favreau and Steve "The Iceman" Gerben. According to Kent: "Steve is the 2007 winner of the Philly's Phunniest contest that I won last summer, which means that I am technically one year funnier than he is. But actually he is much more hilarious than I am, and my sole goal that evening is to give him a nervous breakdown with my intense Frost/Nixon style interrogation. Should be fun!"

10 p.m. - Guilty Pleasures w/ Brendan Kennedy, $5. Bringing you the best in awful scripts, acted out for you on stage. This month Chris Cotton, Roger C. Snair, Luke Giordano, and Alan Piket will perform a rejected spec script for the CBS hit sitcom Two and a Half Men. Listen to Brendan talk about the show on the C vs. A Radio Hour.

Thursday, April 9th
8 p.m. – Improv Comedy, PhD: Every Thursday the theater pairs up "today's comedy over-achievers and tomorrow's comedy legends." This month: Lehigh University with PHIT house team Activity Book.

10 p.m. - Cagematch: Whoever has the guts to go up against reigning champs Angry People Building Things, $5. CAGEMATCH pits two groups against each other for 25-minute sets that can only use one audience suggestion. The audience decides the winner by secret ballot.

Friday, April 10th
8 p.m. – Rare Bird Show + The Action Section presents: Life, $10. Improv trio Rare Bird Show opens for sketch group The Action Section performing an all new show since their Halloween weekend. According to member Joe Gribbin: "It's about life, death, and the creamy filling between."

10 p.m. - Kevin Allison: F*** Up, $15. Writer and performed of the cult 90s MTV sketch show The State. "F*** Up" is Allison’s one man show of outrageous character sketches. Hilarious, touching and always surprising, the show is a date with passionate dreamers and lovable daredevils who work their hearts out, only to land in the dirt. The characters include: Ron, a closeted Southern aerobics instructor; Ira, a 90-year-old Jewish comedian who botched his career in vaudeville; Fleming, an alcoholic thespian; and others. PROGRAMMING NOTE: Kevin Allison will be on the C vs. A Radio Hour this Thursday.

Saturday, April 11th
8 p.m. - Rare Bird Show + The Action Section presents: Life, $10.

10 p.m. - Kevin Allison: F*** Up, $15.

Sunday, April 12th
7 p.m. - Kevin Allison: F*** Up, $15.


Monday, April 6, 2009

Judah Friedlander eats an apple on South St.

Philly really does have everything!

[via Philebrity]

TONIGHT: The Comic Vs. Audience Comedy Show!

Picture this: it's a Monday night. You've done your work for the day, you've had your dinner. You've about to curl up by the fire and bury yourself in a book, but something isn't right. First of all, why are you still lighting a fire, it's not that cold out. Second, you don't even like that book and who reads now-a-days?

No, instead, come out to THE COMIC VS. AUDIENCE COMEDY SHOW brought to you by the Philly Improv Theater and for a night of engaging and hilarious stand-up comedy. Details:

The Comic Vs. Audience Comedy Show!
Monday, April 6h, 2009
at the Shubin Theatre
407 Bainbridge St.
ONLY FIVE AMERICAN DOLLARS (tickets on-sale NOW! No creepy service fees!)

Featuring stand-up comedy by:
Mikey Gleason
Dave Temple
Luke Giordano
Chris Coccia

And hosted by Dave Walk (he'll have some jokes too)

And did we mention it's BYOB?!?!?