Monday, January 14, 2008

RECAP: Bedtime Stories, 1/9

This month's Bedtime Stories at the Shubin Theatre was a marathon affair with 16 acts of sketch, stand-up and monologues based around the theme of politics. Highlights:

- Roger Weaver started out the show with, of course, political jokes. He took shots at William Howard Taft, Ross Perot and finally as he got more contemporary, our wonderful current president. He stressed that we should go to the National Constitution Center although "the problem with the framers of the constitution is that they had such a pre-9/11 worldview".

- Matt Lally and David Terruso of Animosity Pierre performed a mayoral debate between Jim Jimelson (sp?) and Jim Jimelson with a shocking ending.

- Pat Kelly played a stay-at-home dad trying to do political humor like the late, great Bill Hicks.

- It was around this time that the host, Gregg Gethard, had ballots passed out. Being "major proponents of democracy", the audience was allowed to vote on what next month's theme would be: GIRLS GONE WILD, A TRIBUTE TO ALYCIA LANE or FUCK COMCAST. GIRLS GONE WILD won by a narrow margin.

- Chris Morganti as Dennis Miller moderated a 3rd party presidential debate between local stand-up comics John Kensil and Mike Rainey with some dead-on hilarious asides:

"Everyone here knows you guys have enough chance of winning this election as Paris Hilton has of discovering the Unified Field Theory, alright?"

"Bush refused to fund stem cell research, which made him look like some kind of Tyler Durden Neo-Luddite, right? But he also said that we are going to the moon. Which is great because we'll get there five years after the Chinese. Which is great because the first thing you want after a long journey is a number two combination plate with egg roll, right?"

- The Ultimate Warrior (Gregg Gethard), former WWF Intercontinental Champion and political pundit, read a transcript from a Rush Limbaugh's radio show as well as talked trash on "Mr. Perfect" Curt Hennig.

- Secret Pants performed a sketch about an unique way to bring people into a struggling town.

- A 7th grader from St. Rose of Lima in North Wales, Little Miss Jaime Fountaine, read her speech for re-election as class treasurer that detailed her successes, controversies and the backhanded politics of middle school government.

- Blaze Brewster discussed who would win the presidential election if decided by physical competition in the Thunderdome.

- Meg & Rob performed a sketch as a romantic couple that write signing statements for their date, just like President Bush does for congressional bills.

- Councilman Kent Haines read the minutes from last week's town council meeting where "allegations were made, feelings were hurt and several members of the town council were seen weeping."

- And Don Montrey, host of Die, Actor, Die! (next show is the 21st at The Khyber), told some jokes that he wrote for the political show This Is The Week That Is.

The show was awfully long at two and a half hours, but then again you're also getting a bang for your buck ($5). The next show is Wednesday, February 6th and the theme is GIRLS GONE WILD, A TRIBUTE TO ALYCIA LANE.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for making me Internet Famous. But I should tell you that my last name is spelled FoUntaine (you were close, though, and you got my first name correct, which has been problematic for others)and that I "am" a seventh grader from St. Rose of Lima in North Wales.
This will all be very important when I become incredibly famous for being twelve and you gain the recognition for "discovering me" which will lead you to countless riches, and me to a terrible coke habit and three failed marriages.

- Jaime Fountaine