Saturday, February 16, 2008

CRAIGSLIST: The Philadelphia Comedy School

Finally you can learn how to get a marketable set:

Do you want to make people laugh and get payed for it?
Do you think you have what it takes to build a marketable set?
Maybe you just want to overcome your fear of public speaking?

The Philadelphia Comedy School have what you need.
A constructive environment where you can hone your craft
with a great group of people. Our instructors have moved the
crowd everywhere from NyC to Las Vegas. We will go over
the necessary tools you'll need to jump start your new career
or simply help you step up your game in the lime light.

0. The Build
1. Delivery
2. Character Study
3. How to read the crowd
4. What not to do.
5. Recovery.
6. Strong Finish

We'll get you where you want to be, on stage, in front of a mic
and most importantly confident and funny! Contact us ASAP!

And if you want to help people build a marketable set:
We are looking for guest instructors for our comedy school.
The Philadelphia Comedy School specializes in standup, improv
and video skits. If interested please contact us ASAP.


R.L. Burnside said...

I love it.

"We have great, experienced teachers that have moved crowds all over the country and played in only the best clubs."

And then:

"We are looking for teachers. Fucking anybody will do. We're posting this on Craig's List. Are you kind of funny? Contact us AS SOON AS POSSIBLE."

Cookie Puss said...

I would've labeled "The Build" as number 1, not 0. That's why I need to take this class. I'm sure all their spelling errors are intentionally placed for comedic effect.