Sunday, February 10, 2008

On Internet Comedy and more from NYT

Posted here as an addendum to our post from earlier this week, The New York Times tackles internet comedy and the writer's strike:

While the three-month writers’ strike dealt a devastating blow to the entertainment industry, suspending the production of numerous films and television series, it has also imbued the nascent medium of Web-based comedy videos with a new vitality, as countless furloughed talents — writers and actors; veteran humorists and novices — learned to use their newfound free time to produce their own shorts.

They talk to Jerry O'Connell on why he created his Tom Cruise video:
“The bottom line is, we’re people who work in comedy, and because of this strike, we’re sort of bored,” Mr. O’Connell said in a telephone interview. “Maybe I’m watching too much of ‘The Wire’ these days, but you’re just jonesing for that next fix.”

The NYT when comedy-crazy this Sunday, interviewing Steven Wright and Lisa Lampanelli on their Grammy nominations. Oh please let Steven Wright win!

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